Darby Allin def. Serpentico | AEW Dark Results (5/19/2020) | All Elite Wrestling

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Capping off another XL edition of AEW Dark, our main event tonight sees Darby Allin face off with the debuting Serpentico. As the name suggests Serpentico is a masked luchador and at the end of his entrance he fires off a bunch of streamers from his hands, it’s pretty neat. As Darby comes out Taz talks about wanting to help him out even though Allin has not responded warmly to him so far.

Darby Allin vs. Serpentico

Lock-up, Darby with a side headlock takeover. Serpentico fights to his feet, wants to shoot him off but Darby holds on. Slides and cinches him in deeper. Serpentico scrambles to the ropes for a break. Serpentico with a wristlock. Darby rolls through but gets taken to his back. Darby showing off his speed to get the advantage, Springing Lucha Arm Drag! Fights him into the corner, Serpentico blocks and gets a punch in, running knee strike takes Darby to the floor! Whips him into the steps! Serpentico with a springing double footstomp. Rains down punches to his face. Allin trying to fight back up with body shots, Serpentico takes him to the corner. Rams him headfirst into the top buckle, chokes him against the top rope.

Springs off the middle rope for a cutter, only a 1 count though which seems to be the theme of the night. Serpentico charges, Darby puts Aubrey in front to block, pulls him into the corner and starts wailing on him with strikes. Takes him up top, big right to the face, pursues up top and hooks him, big superplex and a lovely float-over for a nearfall! Springboard back elbow but Serpentico catches him and puts him on his feet, Serpentico charges but Allin back body drops him to the floor! And now a Coffin Drop to the outside blasting Serpentico! Throws him into the ring, hooks the legs and rolls through into the Last Supper for the pin!

Winner: Darby Allin

Really fun watching this, the whole time Taz was trying to give Darby his advice from afar in the hopes that he’d be rewatching this later. I guess eventually Taz will be parlaying into being Darby’s manager perhaps, unless this is going somewhere unexpected and Darby just doesn’t take him up on the offer at all. But it seems like the story ultimately is that Darby is slow to trust others but eventually he will come to put his faith in Taz.

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