Dr. Luther def. Jon Cruz | AEW Dark Results (5/19/2020) | All Elite Wrestling

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AEW Dark rolls on. Dr. Luther is in action once more tonight, cackling on his way to the ring, facing off against Jon Cruz. Cruz actually leaves the ring as Luther enters it, giving him space. Seems to be a little nervous.

Dr. Luther vs. Jon Cruz

Luther chops Cruz right into the ropes, ties him up for a knife edge chop. And a big overhand shot! Luther starts hollering at his own hand to shut up. Actually echoing in this empty arena. This lets Cruz pound on him for a bit but when he hits the ropes, Luther pops him up into a pump kick! Takes him into the corner, batters the small of his back with forearms and shoulder thrusts. Bellows at the referee to shut up when he tries to pull him away. Tells him he’ll do whatever he wants. Luther with a big shoulder block, then gazes into the camera to tell us to look at the eye on his forehead, tells us to pray for blood and calls himself the original death dealer.

Chokes Cruz against the ropes and then dumps him to the floor. Pursues, hoists him up and body slams him awkwardly onto the barrier. Luther counts along with the referee. Throws Cruz into the ring and fishhooks him, smiling wickedly. Pulls him up by the hair, shot to the face, pulls him from the corner with a Pendulum Backbreaker and holds him in place, torquing the back! Luther releases him and then starts yelling that he gave up. Chokes him into the ropes, Luther pulls him up, whip to the opposite corner. Cruz with a boot up on the charges! Rushes in for a flying forearm, barely staggers him. Wants a body slam but Luther blocks that, clubbering blow.

Pulls him up by the hair, hoists him up and really mandhandles him as he flips him into a Reverse Suplex! Showing off a lot of strength with the way he adjusted him in the air there. Camel Clutch applied with his fingers ripping into his mouth and eyes and Cruz has no choice but to tap out!

Winner: Dr. Luther

That is quite the character there and still seems to have plenty of tricks I haven’t seen yet. I gotta say I’m getting more and more curious as to what it’s gonna look like when him and Havoc finally have that deathmatch they’ve been teasing for the past few months.

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