Dustin Rhodes vs. Shawn Spears | AEW Double Or Nothing 2020 Preview | All Elite Wrestling

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Tonight’s the night, AEW Double or Nothing 2020 is soon upon us! We have a match-up that has taken precious little time to get personal, when Shawn Spears goes one-on-one with the supposedly retired Dustin Rhodes! You can expect the same live coverage of the event as always, plus a preview of every match on the card! There’s plenty to talk about so let’s get underway!

Dustin Rhodes vs. Shawn Spears

You really can’t get much more dirty than this, can you? I mean Shawn Spears for weeks has been claiming on social media that Dustin Rhodes was forced into retirement due to injuries suffered during his bloody match with Lance Archer in the TNT Championship Tournament Semi-Finals. And on this latest episode of AEW Dynamite, Spears talked about it live on TNT in what might be a new gimmick of his, Shawn Spears News. He ‘announced’ the retirement publicly on Dustin’s behalf before moving on to the bigger news story; the fact that he didn’t have a match at Double or Nothing! And so he decided to go into business for himself as he put it, and challenge Dustin Rhodes to a match.

We haven’t seen or heard from Dustin since the bout with Archer that left him bleeding like a siv. It did definitely seem as though he was taking some time off and perhaps even contemplating how much longer he’d be doing this, atleast in-storyline. Remember, just a year ago at the first-ever Double or Nothing PPV, Dustin intended to retire following his famous match against his brother Cody. This fact makes it pretty easy to buy into any retirement related angles that Dustin has, making it seem very much like it could happen any day.

But obviously they announced this match in record time so it’s clearly not happened quite yet. I’m honestly curious if they have any plans for a true sendoff angle for Dustin, it really does seem like he should go out with something special at this stage. At any event, it’s been a good few months for Shawn Spears. By virtue of being one of those that continued wrestling through the pandemic from the beginning, he’s gotten his biggest push since the Dynamite era began, even getting a main event out of it. That continues here with him getting another main card singles match and one that I imagine he’ll be winning, at that! Should Cody take the TNT Championship like I expect him to, Spears’ defeat of Dustin might set him up as an early No. 1 Contender… Spears over

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