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Hikaru Shida def. Nyla Rose, New AEW Women’s World Championship | AEW Double Or Nothing 2020 Results | All Elite Wrestling


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AEW Double Or Nothing commences, Hikaru Shida and Nyla Rose meeting up in a no DQ, no count-out match for the AEW Women’s World Championship now. Hikaru looking as deathly serious as ever right now. And Nyla of course comes out wielding Shida’s kendo stick.

No DQ, No Count-Out Match For The AEW Women’s World Championship: Nyla Rose (c) vs. Hikaru Shida

Bell rings, Shida with a running kick to the stomach. Nyla whips her to the ropes, wants a swing of the stick but Shida holds onto the ropes, kicks the stick out of her hands and takes it up! Nyla wants a timeout but Shida swings, only for Rose to block it! Sends a few kicks, pulls her in for a Short-Arm Clothesline! And there’s the cracks across the back with a kendo stick! And one for the abdomen! Scoops her up for a big body slam! Charges, Shida rolls out of the corner, high knee takes her down! Shida pulls Nyla out to the apron, hammers her across the back. Charging knee to the face and howling intensely! She starts going to the crowd area but Nyla grabs her and rams her into the barricade! Slams her head into the railing.

Swole is yelling once more, Rose having her watch as she grinds the boot into Shida’s throat. Rose slams her into the barrier, hoists her up, Military Press through a poker table! Nyla tells us to always bet on black. Takes up a folding chair and slams the bottom of it into her chest! Rose puts her head onto the seat of the chair. Rose grabs another chair and she’s choking her with it now! Leans her against the barricade, shot to the stomach and then she just tosses her to ringside!

Walks over towards her, pulls her up by the hair. Throws her into the ring and pursues. Mocking kicks to the face, pulls her up and nails her with a side slam! Standing Splash hits hard for a nearfall! Pulls her up by the hair. Wants a Beast Bomb but Shida reverses with a rana! Hits the ropes, sliding knee! Wants a suplex, Nyla blocks. Reverses! Clothesline takes her to the floor! Nyla with a whip into the ramp but Shida hops up to the steps and leaps off for a crossbody! Charging knee to the side of the head! As Rose staggers up, Shida dumps her into the crowd area! Shida leaps the barricade and pulls Rose over to a poker chip, smashes her atop it. Hooks her, Nyla blocks a suplex, looking to reverse onto the chip, Shida blocks that and judo throws her hard onto the poker chip! Hikaru gets some distance… big running start, she leaps from one poker chip to nail a high knee sending Rose into a second one and it topples over! Quite the spot!

Hikaru dumps Nyla to ringside, and now she’s got the kendo stick back! Looks quite proud of herself. Vicious shot to the shoulder and Nyla is selling like it’s been disabled! Shida enters the ringside, knocks her into the ring. More kendo sticks shots ensue! Hooks her, mean suplex onto the kendo stick for a nearfall! Shida hits the ropes, charging knee to the face for a nearfall! Shida ducks a shot, forearms sent, windmill blows. Hits the ropes, Nyla reverses with a tilt-a-whirl into a gigantic powerslam! Ring bouncing off of that one! Rose screams her way up. Nyla again deposits of the kendo stick, stun guns her and hangs her atop the rope. Rose up top! Can’t springboard due to the bad back but she still hits the Flying Knee Drop across the back of Shida’s neck!

Rose goes outside and slides a table into the ring! Sets it up against the corner. Hoists her up on her shoulders, wants to drive her into it but Shida fights her way free. Nyla trying a powerbomb instead, blocked, Shida fights free, sends some shots, hits the ropes but Rose clotheslines her to the mat! Pulls her up, Powerbomb right through the table! Drags her in for a cover, Shida kicks out!! Shocked that wasn’t the finish. Rose hoists her up and plants her with a Death Valley Driver! She’s got the kendo stick again and just laces her back with it! Rolls her over, going up top! But Hikaru tosses the stick her way to stop her! Goes up top with her, hooks for a superplex! All the way up top! FLYING FALCON ARROW!! Cloooose nearfall!

Hits the ropes, Nyla blocks the Shining Wizard with the kendo stick! But Hikaru nails her with a forearm that makes her drop the stick, hits the ropes again, Shining Wizard! NEARFALL! Now she takes the stick up one more time and BLASTS her in the face with it, loud crack! Sits her up, hits the ropes, one last Shining Wizard!! And that… is that, we got a new champion!

Winner: Hikaru Shida

An absolutely physical war there, and Shida is in tears. I mean not just a little, she’s sobbing really.

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