Impact Wrestling Resigns Su Yung (and Susie)

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Impact Wrestling Resigns Su Yung (and Susie)

With everything going on in the professional wrestling world centered around AEW and WWE, Impact Wrestling quietly signed one of their best stars in what could be called a two for one deal. When resigning Su Yung, Impact also gets her quiet, good natured alter ego Susie. Not a bad deal considering what Su Yung brings to the ring and the promotion.

Immediate threat

With the sudden appearance of Naveah, Su Yung’s signing on May 11, 2020 means there’s another legitimate threat in Impact’s Knockout (Women’s) division that already boasts some incredible talent like Jessika Havoc, Rosemary, and Tara Valkyrie, not to mention Impact’s World Champion Tessa Blanchard.

Yung also brings with her the experience of being a previous Knockouts champion, having won the title in 2018 from Allie and held the title for nearly four months before losing it to Tessa Blanchard.

Known as the “Undead Bride,” Yung fits in perfectly with the darker aspects of some of Impact’s Knockout division like Rosemary (The Demon’s Assassin) and Jessika Havoc.

Some of her greatest moment came in her feud with Havoc, where she was hung (storyline) by Havoc, then was re-awoken from her dormant “Susie” persona by Rosemary.

Others had their chance

After announcing herself as a free agent when her contract with Impact ended, Su Yung returned to the Indie circuit and causing fans to wonder where she’d go if given an option.

The biggest frontrunner in everyone’s mind was AEW. As much as AEW has helped to change the landscape of professional wrestling, their women’s division remains a work in progress. It’s no secret that it’s their weakest division, often dueling the tag team division for this dubious honor.

Signing Su Yung would’ve been a great move as she has prior television experience and they could’ve restarted the Nightmare Collective with her wresting control from Brandi Rhodes. But this never materialized and it feels like a missed opportunity.

Still, their loss is Impact’s gain, as the promotion continues to push ahead through difficult times by keeping their talent in place, as they also resigned Tara Valkyrie through December 2020 amid rumors she’d leave for the WWE to join her husband, John Morrison.

Out of the top three promotions, Impact’s Knockouts division is a close second to the WWE women’s, and can be considered further along as they’ve pushed the envelope and had hardcore matches like Rosemary and Havoc’s Heavy Metal Mayhem, and we doing cinematic matches (Havoc, Su Yung, and Rosemary for example) before it was more than an occasional gleam in the WWE’s eye.

Even having Tessa Blanchard as world champion (Though many have derided this for being nothing more than a PR stunt, which other promotions are far from innocent in.), a first for a major promotion, has established women are more than pretty faces to tease us.

They’re serious athletes, and Su Yung (or Susie, as the case may be) will only add to that. Things look like they’re going to get interesting real quick.

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