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Into the Vault: WCW Halloween Havoc ’95


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Before we get into WCW Halloween Havoc 1995, I managed to watch the WCW Main Event before it. Since Main Event aired on Sundays, when there was a PPV it was always shown live. Having watched that show I can say be glad that most of these matches weren’t added to Halloween Havoc. Benoit and Malenko teaming up against the Blue Bloods would’ve been a good opener. 

Let’s get into WCW Halloween Havoc 1995! 


Really didn’t need Savage vs. Zodiac but WCW was building to bigger match here. Kurasawa and Hawk are very familiar with each other and have tagged together in New Japan as the Power Warriors. This match could’ve been Main Event. Rinse and repeat for Sabu vs. Mr. JL—which needed at least 3 or 4 more minutes. 

There was nothing particularly wrong with Savage vs. Luger other than it didn’t have enough time. With what they had to work with, this was a matchup that could’ve aired on WCW Nitro 


Lex vs. Meng ran longer than it needed but it was decent. Luger can put in work when he wants and I liked his performance here. Other than that, this was a TV matchup as well. The time that this match received would’ve been better served for the Luger vs. Savage semi-main event. 

Into the Vault: WCW Halloween Havoc 1995

In the main event, The Giant challenged for Hogan’s World title. He appears in one piece after taking that spill from THE TOP OF AN ARENA. Anyway, there were moments when the crowd was really into the match which is great.  

The action in-ring was nothing to write home about at all but the interactions at certain moments work—particularly Jimmy Hart betraying Hogan and join the Dungeon. This could’ve been a really good Hogan vs. Monster match if it ended conclusively. Of course, Hogan wasn’t trying to catch clean losses. With that, the run-in which saw Luger and Savage run in to save Hogan only for Luger to join the Dungeon also worked here. 

What failed was the Yetay coming out and making the sloppiest Hogan and Giant sandwich wrestling had ever seen. 


Johnny B. Badd challenging DDP for the WCW Television title was one of the best things on this show. As far as just a being a great match worthy of the time it was given. Some matches get more time than warranted and you’re like “That could’ve been shorter.” Badd vs. DDP isn’t one of them.  

What I also love about this match is how far back these two go. There are matches of DDP and Johnny B. Badd squaring off three years earlier on different shows leading up to their feud. 

The Monster Truck match was a fun distraction. It was brief, there were two near calls for Hogan, and the commentators really sold it. They sold this match as if it was going to be a regular thing in WCW that no one else was going to do. Then Giant goes after Hogan and ends up falling from the top of the arena! 

Sting pretty much taking on Pillman and Arn alone was another good match, it was supposed to be Sting and Flair following the whole thing with Flair vs. Arn. That became a two on one when Pillman joined Arn and Flair asked Sting for help. 

The thing to know about Sting is that he’s overly trusting. His best friend Luger has turned on him more than once, Flair turned on him when he was in the Horsemen. It’s what the Nature Boy does and Sting knows it. Heading into his involvement with Flair, Sting was cautious of Slick Ric, I’ll give him that much credit. 

WCW Halloween Havoc 1995 Verdict: 5/10 

The main event was definitely Halloween themed with the Dungeon and the Yeti but it was decent at best. The real gem for me was DDP vs. Badd for the TV Title. Overall, Fall Brawl 1995 was too far a goal for WCW Halloween Havoc to reach in 1995. 

WCW Fall Brawl 1995 Score: 7/10 

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