Into the Vault: WWE In Your House 3

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Into the Vault: WWE In Your House 3

We’re still in September 1995 as we revisit the In Your House series. Just in time as NXT TakeOver: In Your House was announced for a June 7 date. NXT should just use In Your House as in-between shows to its TakeOver shows. WWE did well with SummerSlam 1995, so let’s see if they follow up that moment with WWE In Your House 3! 


So, In Your House is basically where WWE just dropped a bunch of matches that could’ve been on TV but gave them a little more time to cook. Savio Vega vs. Waylon Mercy wasn’t a match you’d even run on a discount PPV. Savio should’ve had a better opponent but here we are.  

Sid should be on every PPV from 1995, the dude was a textbook superstar even if he did give us decent-at-best matches. Here, he’s facing a Godwinn which is something I’ve never asked for. Speaking of matches no one asked for, add Undertaker vs. King Mabel. WWE In Your House 3 actually ended with a King Mabel match and I’m not surprised. I feel nothing towards this series of PPVs at the moment.


Bam Bam Bigelow vs. The British Bulldog was a solid bout. It had a good amount of time to cook and for fans to see what they came up with. The end result wasn’t bad at all. With better booking starting in 1994 or even at the start of 1995 and both men could’ve been higher up the card and probably giving us good matches even on an In Your House event. 

The main event of the evening saw the odd team of British Bulldog and Yokozuna defending the World Tag Team titles against WWE World Champion Diesel and HBK, the IC champion. Bulldog is teaming with Yoko because Owen was at the hospital for the birth of his second child. That’s a great reason to miss a PPV. Plus, it’s In Your House so whatever. 

This match was the triple header and the Two Dudes with Attitudes—so F’N 90s, I swear—picked up the win. Another solid match that was better than the actual main event. Bulldog and Yokozuna didn’t make for a bad team at all. 


Razor Ramon facing Dean Douglas was really enjoyable. It wasn’t our next match but I really dug it. Dean Douglas is no replacement for J-E-double-F, J-A-double-R-E-double-T, Jeff Jarrett but he did extremely well here. As you’d expect after he was in backbone mode for ECW just months earlier. It’s 1995 and Razor’s dope in the ring, that goes without saying. These two delivered the expected match.  

I love my heavy metal, my wrestling, and my video games. Do you know what else I love? Pirates. What’s this? Does WWE have a pirate character? What?! It’s the guy who was in The Mounties?!! Get out of town!!! Yes, Jean-Pierre Lafitte—PCO now—faced Bret Hart on In Your House 3 in a submission match. 

Into the Vault: WWE In Your House 3

This match would’ve doughnut-fresh if it wasn’t a submission match. I just don’t care for Bret in submission bouts or iron man matches. That aside, this was a good match. You wouldn’t think PCO would be a future World champion looking at him in this match as a pirate but the guy was ridiculously talented in the 1990s. He simply flew under the radar for years. 

Just like Razor Ramon in the match before this, 1995 Bret gets it done in the ring. On top of that, this match had a really good pace to it and didn’t really drag as is expected of submission matches. 

WWE In Your House 3 Verdict: 5.5/10 

Not a particularly bad show at all. This was a decent In Your House and the best one so far. Razor-Douglas would be the match to watch but Bret-Lafitte was no slouch either. Ultimately, WWE In Your House 3 is a PPV where you wouldn’t miss much if you didn’t watch it. 

WWE SummerSlam 1995 Score: 6/10 

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