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Into the Vault: WWE In Your House 4


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We’re in late 1995 as the WWE heads to Winnepeg for WWE In Your House 4: Great White North or WWE Winter Combat if you have your Coliseum tapes. The main event sees the British Bulldog challenge for Diesel’s WWE World Championship! Where does the main event rank and how does this show pair against In Your House 3? Get ready to find out! 

Before we dive in, you should be able to catch this event on the Network but if you can’t, parts of it’s on YouTube as “WWE Winter Combat” in five parts. Keep your eyes peeled for HBK’s very 90s 8-ball-style leather jacket and the studio lights baking Dok Hendrix as he introduces the matches. 


OofYokozuna vs. King Mabel was hard to watch as a match. It was just not enjoyable at all. Actually, this match could’ve been swapped out for the opener so that the crowd could warm up. That’s how it should’ve been edited in post-production. 


Young Triple H took on Young Fatu in the PPV opener. It was an alright match, nothing special but it didn’t stink. I guess basic TV bout would be more accurate. It could also be particularly low standards for 1995 In Your House in general. With said, the same can be said about the World Tag Team title bout with the Smoking Gunns defending against Razor and 1-2-3 Kid only this one was a little better. I was actually into this match then again I love tag team wrestling. 

Into the Vault: WWE In Your House 4

Remember that Dean Douglas was awarded the Intercontinental title by HBK. You know, he was supposed to defend against Douglas but some Marines laid the smackdown on Michaels. Instead, he defended against Razor Ramon in an acceptable but meh-paced match. Also, there was a meh finish. This match didn’t tarnish Hall’s position as One of the 5 Saviors of WWE In Your House 1995. Yes, that’s a long title but warranted. 


Goldust’s debut WWE match against Marty Jannetty was really good. It had a nice amount of time and these guys work a very tight, fast match against each other. Even when it was slowed down, they were quick to pick the action back up. It was a textbook TV match that translated well for this discount PPV. Bland finish but the rest of the match is seasoned well. 

Into the Vault: WWE In Your House 4

The main event World title bout had some great action. It was a power-brawling contest so don’t expect anything mind-blowing or the razzle-dazzle but for what they did with the tools they had; they got a good match here! The pace was controlled throughout with it being a bit explosive early on with moments where the action lulled.  

There were pockets of explosive action here and there before ending up with a hot crowd at the close. These two controlled the match very well given the time. Having Davey Boy control the bout by taking out Diesel’s legs worked perfectly as it gave the champion a threat he could with. Normally, if Diesel is facing big men his main danger is being crushed or battered on.  

With a heavyweight like Davey, he could do more and get a believable match in the process. Also, Diesel sold the hell out of the leg. Even to where he could get his run in to choke Davey cross the middle rope. I also love Cornette’s bumps when he attempted to inference following Diesel’s comeback. This was just an exciting match. Then we get a Diesel-Bret fist fight? Nice. 

WWE In Your House 4 Verdict: 5/10 

This show was going to be middle-of-the-road-at-best but the Goldust-Jannetty and Diesel vs. British Bulldog main event won me over. I was really into the main event and Jannetty vs. Goldust is more my floor speed for a match pace-wise. 

WWE In Your House 3 Score: 5.5/10 

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