Jimmy Havoc def. Dr. Luther | AEW Dark Results (5/12/2020) | All Elite Wrestling

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AEW Dark continues and after eight matches we are now finally at our main event of the night, with Jimmy Havoc finally going up against his recent worse nemesis, D.r Luther. I really figured it’d be No DQ by the time these two stepped into the ring but I suppose that can wait. Actually no, this one just is No DQ. Havoc also comes out with Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford backing him up.

Jimmy Havoc vs. Dr. Luther

Sabian with the quick distraction, Luther has to deal with her but Havoc attacks from behind! He clobbers Luther in the corner. Luther shoves him away but eats a charging big boot! Luther shoves him away again as he tried to keep pounding. Luther with a biel throw sends him to the corner, might chops! But Havoc reverses into a top wristlock. Bites the hand, big closed fist to the jaw. He snaps the elbow across his own shoulder, closed fist to the face. Luther back body drops him to the apron but HAvoc with an arm breaker over the top rope! Goes up top for a Crossbody but Luther catches him out of the air and nails him with a Fallaway Slam!

Kip Sabian slides a chair into the ring. Luther swings but punches the chair! Havoc nailing Luther repeatedly with the chair. Lays Luther out in the middle of the ring, lays chair on his arm. Havoc going up top but Luther hurls the char into Sabian and sends him to the floor! As he commiserates with Sabian, Luther hits a big flip senton off the top rope to take them all out! Whips Havoc into the barrier. Sits up a chair and hits a Pendulum Backbreaker laving him atop the chair, big diving knee squishes him against the steel! Luther pulls him up, slams him facefirst onto the chair! Havoc stumbles towards the step. Luther pulls him away and throws him into the ring. Luther hoists him up, whip to the ropes, Mafia Kick!

Luther goes out town and takes  it into the ring. Luther driving the chair into his ribs. Sabian wants to put another chair into the ring but Luther intercepts it and sets it up in the middle. Havoc fights back but after he hits the ropes a hip toss sends him spinefirst into the seat of the steel chair! Body slam onto the steel now. Cover for a nearfall! Luther howls, snap suplex for a nearfall. Sits the chairs up next to each other. Hoists Havoc up and lays him on the chairs. Luther goes up top… no, Sabian is here to break it up! Luther forces him off the apron to the floor, but this lets Havoc take over. Super Rana but Luther clears the chairs ! Diving Doublefoot Stomp!!

Luther fights back, Butterfly Suplex. Springs off the top rope for a bulldog onto a chair! Nearfall. Luther poses. Fishhooks cinched in on a Camel Clutch. Sabian comes in to force him to come over, tosses chair into his face! Havoc with the double arm fisherman’s buster for the win!

Winner: Jimmy Havoc

And that’s the match and that’s the show.

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