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AEW Double Or Nothing 2020 continues and we now begin with our first of two main events as they put it. Mr. Brodie Lee comes out wielding the AEW World Championship which he stole. In the ring are several redshirts, security guards with S.A.F.E. on their shirts. Jon Moxley comes down the stairs at the side of the building as he tends to. The guards are just there to ensure Moxley and Brodie stay separated for the duration of the introductions. Brodie cuts off Dasha’s introduction and forces her to call him the self-proclaimed AEW World Champion as he poses with the title. Security clears out as the bell sounds.

AEW World Championship: Jon Moxley (c) vs. Mr. Brodie Lee

Mox quickly charges for a high knee but Brodie takes him right to the corner, clobbering him with chops and thrusts! Whip to the opposite corner, charging big boot but Moxley avoids it and sends him to the floor! Suicide dive sends him into the barrier and it actually falls over! Pulls him up and hooks him for a suplex but Brodie reverses with his own, sending him onto the floor! Yanks him to his feet and chops him across the chest! Takes him into the ring, hits a Hilo! Pulls him to his feet, Front Chancery Suplex! And keeps it in for a second one! Now he takes him to the top rope! Big uppercut! Pursues, Mox with elbows taking him to the mat!

Flies off the top but Brodie catches him and throws him to the outside, enormous suicide dive sends Moxley spilling through the crowd area! Brodie and Mox exchanging hard shots! Mox grabs the beard and headbutts him! Wants a German ont othe leaned barrier but Brode hoists him up and drops him onto the anchored steel barricade! Brodie walks over and flips the table of the Librarians for the hell of it. Pumphandle Slam sends Moxley into the barricade and bends it! Takes him into the ring. Exchange of overhand chops, laying it in! Mox with a few elbows, hits the ropes, high knee but Brodie just bounces off the ropes for a big boot! Moxley with a wicked slap! Hits the ropes, Brodie kicks the arm to spin him into a Back Suplex! Charging back elbow, hits the ropes – Moxley intercepts him with a lariat! Gotch-Style Piledriver!! Close nearfall!

Brodie rolls to the outside, Mox pursues. He takes up the ringsteps, pulling them and acting like they’re super heavy. He pushes them next to the timekeeper’s table. He clears it off, charges towards Brodie – dropkick takes him out of the air, just a car wreck style collision! Brodie mocks the poker card that depicts Moxley, takes him up onto the steps and tries for a powerbomb – back body drop sends him through the table, his leg hitting the barrier! Brodie is stunned, Moxley yanks him up and throws him into the ring. He goes up top, Lee with a fierce palm strike, and another!

Brodie goes up top and hooks for a superplex, just nails it! Moxley hooks the legs though for a 2 count!!! Side step sends Lee to the outside, Mox runs off the apron for a shot but Brodie catches him out of the air and sends him flying into the giant poker cards with a Release Half Nelson Suplex!! Tips the cardboard card over and stomps on the image of Moxley’s face. Powerslam onto the card! Rolls into the ring and waits for Moxley to fight his way up, but he’s struggling. Brodie rips off his tanktop and waits for Moxley to crawl into the ring. He trips his way inside, Brodie hoists him up and wants a huge powerbomb, but Moxley escapes behind him, wants a German but Brodie fights out of it, hits the ropes, massive running big boot!

PLANTS him with a Sit-Out Powerbomb!! Narrow kickout at 2! Brodie is despondent over that one! From opposite corners, Moxley and Brodie pull themselves up! They walk over to each other but Moxley’s legs give way! He rolls to the ramp, crawling out towards the stage! Brodie pursues him, Mox throws a chip his way! But Brodie blocks the Paradigm Shift, thrust kick, palm strike! Wants a powerbomb onto the stage! But Moxley escapes, takes him over to the stairs – PARADIGM SHIFT SENDS HIM INTO THE RAMP AND THEY BOTH GO RIGHT THROUGH IT! That was quite the fall! Medics and officials make their way out as they gaze into the hole… Moxley is the first man to rise! He crawls into the ring drunkenly! Brodie Lee emerges moments later, busted wide open!

Steps into the ring, looks for the Discus Lariat but Moxley ducks it and nails the Double Arm DDT! But Brodie kicks out immediately!!! Only for Mox to come at him with a series of elbows, driving knees to the head! Yanks him up for a BRUTAL Paradigm Shift, spiking him onto his head! NEARFALL! Christ! Moxley with a side headlock trying to choke him out as the blood keeps flowing! Rear Naked Choke with a leg cinched! His hand drops and the referee calls for the bell, he’s out!

Winner: Jon Moxley

God what a battle. Mox flips off the passed out Brodie as he celebrates with the AEW World Championship, back in his possession once again!

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