Jurassic Express def. Mike Reed & Ryan Rembrandt | AEW Dark Results (5/12/2020) | All Elite Wrestling

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AEW Dark rolls on. Next up, we have our first of a handful of tag team matches tonight. The Jurassic Express are back, Jungleboy and Luchasaurus making their first appearances in AEW in quite some time to take on the team of Mike Reed and Ryan Rembrandt.

Jurassic Express (Jungleboy & Luchasaurus) vs. Mike Reed & Ryan Rembrandt

Jungleboy with an immediate shotgun dropkick to Mike Reed and a big boot from Luchasaurus to Rembrandt. Casadora into a Tailwhip/Facebuster combo! Jungle with a tope suicida to Mike Reed, then another Ryan Rembrandt! Tope con hilo follows, taking out both men! Throws Rembrandt back into the ring, Lucha tags Jungle in. Jungleboy tosses Rembrandt into a Wheelbarrow German from Luchasaurus! Jungle then flips Lucha up into a Headscissor Facebuster! Mike Reed attacks Junglebyo from behind to break up the pin though, drags him to their corner and tags himself in. Reed stomping Jungleboy into the corner. Mike Reed takes Jungleboy up to his feet, Russian Legsweep with a bit of a clothesline too!

Jungle with a few chops but Reed stops that with a kick, Rembrandt tags in, Reed holds Jungleboy with a Manhattan Drop as Rembrandt comes in with a flying knee to the face for a nearfall!  Rembrandt with a clothesline in the corner, pulls him out for a Belly-To-Belly for a nearfall. Takes him to the corner and tags in Reed. Jungle trying to push himself free, strikes to both men, enziguri to Rembrandt, flips over Reed’s back and leaps to tag in Luchasaurus! Lucha clotheslines Reed, high kicks to both men, kick to the face of Reed followed by a roundhouse! Helluva Kick to Rembrandt!

Lucha takes Reed up onto his shoulders, Reed escapes and punches him across the face… gets a meaty headbutt for his troubles! Luchasaurus with a chokeslam into a Standing Moonsault, Rembrandt has to break up the pin! Lucha doesn’t look happy about it though. Rembrandt swings but Lucha blocks it, Jungleboy and Luchasaurus with a couple of superkicks takes him to the outside. Luchasaurus lifts Reed up, hurls him into the Assisted Cutter and there is the victory!

Winners: The Jurassic Express

Two down, seven to go! Definitely nice to see Jungleboy and Luchasaurus again, this whole act is so good. Bit of a shame there’s no one in the crowd for this episode of Dark but I get it.

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