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Kris Statlander def. Penelope Ford | AEW Double Or Nothing 2020 Results | All Elite Wrestling


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AEW Double Or Nothing 2020 continues. Dr. Sampson is here to give us an update on Britt Baker and talks about some severe injuries that she’s sustained, but admits that the patient is worse than the injury, she’s pretty high maintenance. That does kinda ease my nerves a bit that they’re talking like this about it. Says that since she’s such a role model she wants to be there to give us the update herself on Dynamite. That leads to the match between Kris Statlander and Penelope Ford. Hilariously Kip Sabian comes out with an exaggerated amount of bandages and on crutches. Ford favoring the small of her back as well after her own ladder bump.

Penelope Ford vs. Kris Statlander

Lock-up, Kris with a deep arm drag. Ford blocks a second one, knee to the gut, Lucha Arm Drag! Charges, Kris with a legsweep and then, a bunch of cartwheels commence. Spins and goes for the boop but Ford grabs the wrist and bites her finger! Slap across the face! Kris whips her to the ropes, Ford hangs on, low bridges her! As Statlander tries to re-enter the ring, Ford catches her in the ropes, Hangman’s DDT for a nearfall! Kicks her around the ring, cover for a 2 count. Pulls her up, vertical suplex, cover for 2 as well. Chinlock cinched. Statlander fights to her feet, Ford chops her into the ropes. Kris ducks a shot, bunch of hard forearms send her to the floor! Kip comes over to support her, Statlander with a huge suicide dive onto both of them!!

Jumps up hollering! Throws Ford back into the ring and going up top! Comes off the top but Ford with the boots up, roll up for a nearfall! Hook Kick for a close 2 count! Ford grabs the hair and drives her facefirst into her knee. Exchange of forearms! Kris responds over and over, whip to the ropes, FOrd ducks a shot, tries a flying headscissor but gets taken to her feet, Statlander with a massive roundhouse kick into a crazy German Suplex! Ford reverses a whip into the corner, charges but Statlander with a floatover, big running knee to the head! And there’s the Falcon Arrow for a close nearfall!

Ford reverses a Big Bang Theory into a Reverse DDT for a close nearfall! Shoves her away, Kris fights to her feet, Penelope ducks a clothesline with a Matrix, Stunner blocked, Statlander shoots her to the ropes for a big lariato! Takes her up top, smack to the face. Scales the second rope, wants a superplex, Ford knocks her to the mat. Flying Headscissor off the second rope! Handspring Cutter but Statlander catches her out of the air for a Blue Thunder Bomb! Big Bang Theory for the win!

Winner: Kris Statlander

Kris has such great flashes. She could definitely be something if she put it all together.

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