Kurt Angle To Make His WWE NXT Debut This Wednesday

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It has been just over a month since a large chunk of the WWE roster were released from their contracts, and one of them was the legendary Kurt Angle. Despite this, he is already going to be back on WWE TV, making his first appearance for the NXT brand. He will serve as a special guest referee, in what will be one of the most physical matches in the history of the brand.

Kurt Angle Will Be The Referee For Thatcher vs. Riddle

The NXT Tag Team Championships changed hands two weeks ago when Imperium would beat Matt Riddle & Timothy Thatcher. This came after Thatcher abandoned this match after not being impressed with the antics of Matt Riddle, and they would clash in the main event. Riddle was able to slip away with a victory after a quick pinfall counter, a victory which Thatcher viewed as a fluke. Because of this, he has challenged his short lived tag team partner to a cage fight. No pinfalls, just submission or knock out for the win. This will ensure that there will be no surprise roll ups to end this match, someone will be knocked out or tapped out.

A match like this is big enough on it’s own, but what happens if you add Kurt Angle to the mix? He has experience in these types of matches, having faced Samoa Joe in TNA Wrestling (now Impact Wrestling) in a match with the same rule set. This came at Lockdown in 2008, where they worked a faux MMA style in one of their most acclaimed matches. We can absolutely expect a similar style from the clash between Riddle & Thatcher, given the legitimate MMA background of Matt Riddle.

Will Angle Be Making More Appearances For WWE Going Forward?

With Angle having been part of the mass release from WWE, no one expected him back this soon. They very well could have re-signed him to a simple legends contract, with them having renewed legends deals with the likes of Ric Flair recently. Angle could have still been on a contract for him as an active wrestler, one signed prior to his retirement at Wrestlemania 35.

Angle will never step into the ring as a wrestler again, but WWE could keep him around, just for his name value alone. Do you see Angle being a frequent presence on WWE TV ever again, or will this appearance be a one off? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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