Major League Wrestling: MLW Fusion #108

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MLW Fusion #108 had a cold open with Injustice talking about how wrestling is only just now showing them respect. They make sure to let us know that they’re the best as they’re getting a shot at the AAA World Trios belt. Also, this match was important for Lucha Libre AAA as Major League Wrestling lead the Super Series 4-2.  

To make this all even, Lucha Libre AAA would have to take both this match and the main event of MLW Fusion #109! Check out the card for #108. 

MLW Fusion #108
Poder Del Norte vs. Black Destiny, Rayo Star, & Fantastick
AAA World Trios Titles: Jinetes Del Aire [c] vs. Injustice 

Poder Del Norte vs. Black Destiny, Rayo Star, & Fantastick 

This was a great show opener with the team of Black Destiny, Rayo Star, and Fantastick taking on Poder Del Norte. What I love about lucha libre’s factions is that oftentimes there were two or three—minimum—versions of a faction. Sometimes these versions all share one or two wrestlers. 

MLW Fusion #108

There is a version of Poder Del Norte that formed in 2009 and the rebooted version from 2016. Members Tito Santana and Mocho Cota Jr were in the original and this version with Carta Brava Jr being their third member. 

Anyway, Poder Del Norte was the tighter team in this opener but their opponents were no slouches. A trios corner rush by PDN and the frog splash from Mocho Cota Jr scored the win for his team. 

Major League Wrestling Presents: Hype Central 

Since this is another two-match episode, you know what to expect. First, we get Dynasty members Alexander Hammerstone and Richard Holliday outside of this really brightly colored, garish house. It’s really hideously painted.  

MLW Fusion #108

According to Holliday, it used to be Savio Vega’s childhood house and he purchased it from the true Caribbean Champion’s mother. They’re discussing their plans for the house while taunting Savio. There’s a recap of Injustice ambushing Brian Pillman Jr after his in-ring return on MLW Fusion #107. Pillman has words for Jordan Oliver and challenges them to a hair vs. hair match. 

We get a brief video hyping Jinetes Del Aire. After that is 12-minutes of L.A Park, El Hijo de L.A Park, and L.A Park Jr cooking at Casa de L.A Park. Whatever they were cooking looked delicious. As expected, L.A Park did most of the talking as he ran down Pagano who would be making his debut with Major League Wrestling…whenever. 

L.A Park and Son Cook!

L.A Park also messed up and put too much garlic in the dish which greatly irritated him. Even the Skull Captain botches. Other targets of their segment were Konnan who was bringing in all this AAA talent and Psycho Clown, their opponent in the last match of the Super Series. 

A Little More Then Our Main Event 

We round things out with Davey Boy going in on Jacob Fatu. While the PWI Top 10 for MLW constantly has Hammerstone at number one, DBS Jr is getting his shot. Who knows, if Davey manages to take the belt from Fatu and Ol‘ Mancer takes Hammerstone’s National Openweight title, we could see Hammerstone get his shot at the World title. 

Speaking of Mance Warner and HammerstoneOl’ Mancer is still on his case. There’s a good chance he could take the belt. MLW and the fans are really behind him and he’s been putting on some strong matches. 

AAA World Trios Titles: Los Jinetes Del Aire [c] vs. Injustice 

Injustice has been harassing opponents in the Middleweight division to protect Myron Reed’s championship. They came out in typical American rudo fashion by throwing tortillas to the crowd. This was something Chicago-based MLW regular Gringo Loco used to do. 

AAA World Trios Title Match

Los Jinetes Del Aire comprises Hijo del VikingoMyzteziz Jr, and Octagon Jr. All three are incredibly agile high flyers—especially Vikingo who had a dope AAA Cruiserweight title match challenging Laredo Kid. If this trio can become MLW regulars like Laredo Kid, MLW might have more aerial chaos to deal with! 

The match itself was extremely good. Lots of excitement and dives. Sometimes the action was a little too cluttered. This was down to lucha libre’s tag rules but even with a few botches and awkwardness, they still delivered a wild match.  

Speaking of delivering in this match, Los Jinetes Del Aire brought AAA back into this thing and it’s now 4-3. The sole match on MLW Fusion #109 will decide either a tie or victory for Major League Wrestling! 

Match of the Show: Los Jinetes Del Aire vs. Injustice 

Just go ahead and give it to this match. Even though the opener was exciting, this one was exciting with stakes! Also, these two trios worked well together and even had the crowd throwing some money into the ring. 

MLW Fusion #109
Los Parks vs. Psycho Clown, Psicosis, & Nino Hamburguesa 

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