Major League Wrestling: MLW Fusion #109

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We’re at the final MLW Fusion before the quarantine kicked in. It’s the final show of the Major League Wrestling vs. Lucha Libre AAA Super Series! The score is 4-3 in favor of MLW, AAA needs this last match to tie things up. Will Psycho Clown, Psicosis, and Nino Hamburguesa pull through for AAA or will L.A Park and sons give MLW another win 

The AAA referees have been a problem for Major League Wrestling with fast counts, slow counts, and other shenanigans. Will that come into play here? We’re about to find out but first, some promo house cleaning. 

Here Are Some Promos For Your MLW Fusion Enjoyment

First up, Psycho Clown hypes the only match tonight and says his team will defeat the portly L.A Park and his sons. Straight forward with Psycho Clown adding his flair to the promo. This isn’t a stand-in-front-of-the-camera-and-speak promo, it was short and interesting even if there were subtitles. 

Major League Wrestling: MLW Fusion #109

Alicia Atout talks with Konnan about the MLW and AAA Super Series and the action so far. Konnan says that this isn’t the end for MLW and AAA but only the beginning. I hope so! Team Filthy wants Low Ki to get psychiatric evaluation because they feel he’s dangerous. They had a whole member attack someone in a larger company right now with a bat. 

Pagano is back and tells us there’s no party without a clown. He is stoked about coming to Major League Wrestling, obviously.  

More Promos…and A Nature Lesson? 

On Lifestyles of the Rich & Dynastic, Dynasty are in Mance Warner’s hometown of Bucksnort, Tennessee. Holliday and Gino feel that place is an utter dump. Gino frightens Holliday by telling him about meth gators.  

For our international readers, meth gators are alligators who are strung out on that crystal meth after it’s been flushed down the drain or dumped. Police in Tennessee warned against doing but none have been found in the wild. My home state meth cryptid is the meth squirrel (which exists) and in Australia someone kept a python high on meth. Now, back to the promos. 

Major League Wrestling: MLW Fusion #109

It seems as if Dynasty lost Hammerstone—oh, there he is. The MLW National Openweight champion is excited about there being raccoons in this field. Holliday is on edge about meth gators and feels that it’s time to go. Now. Hammerstone isn’t too keen on his fun being ruined. The champ really wanted a raccoon. 

Mance Warner wants to team up with Savio Vega against the Dynasty to take the MLW National Openweight title, Savio’s Caribbean championship, and Gino’s watch. He’s got nothing to put up, really. Ol’ Mancer proposes a TOWER OF DOOM MATCH! The titles are in the top cage, the middle cage has light tubes, and whatnot, the first cage is just a ring with a ladder to get into the second cage. This sounds over the top for Major League Wrestling but it’s the kind of match I rock with. 

Ol' Mancer's Tower of Doom

This is the match that drinking several light beers during quarantine creates. Ol’ Mancer didn’t mention a third teammate. After a rundown of the Super Series, we finally get the main event. 

Los Parks vs. Psycho Clown, Psicosis, & Nino Hamburguesa 

Here we have the sole match from MLW Fusion #109 as L.A Park teams up with sons Hijo de L.A Park and L.A Park Jr against the team of Psycho Clown, Nino Hamburguesa, and the original Psicosis.

Los Parks vs. Team Psycho

Nino is considered the “Human Cannonball.” He’s about 5’6, weighs 220lbs-plus, and is very agile for his build. Coming out of the hardcore DTU promotion (ran by Super Crazy’s cousin, Crazy Boy), he’s been in AAA for some time now and has a following.  

Psycho Clown is one of AAA’s top stars if not their top technico (babyface). We all know the original Psicosis, he’s a former two-time WCW Cruiserweight champion and was Rey Misterio Jr’s career rival early on. 

The match took a bit to build but it started as brawl and had times when it was in Team Psycho’s favor and then Los Parks. Following Los Parks teaming up on Nino, the youngster member of Team Psycho, the match went in favor of the technicos. Fans were really into the match which was a wild brawl with dives, really. Los Parks brought all the plunder that littered the ring.  When L.A Park and Psycho Clown were in the ring, the crowd popped. 

Los Parks Abuse Nino Hamburguesa

At the spot where everyone got to do their dive, the biggest pop went to Nino Hamburguesa—who accidentally took out his partners when Los Parks bailed. Pagano showed up with a chair and took out Los Parks. After the referee took Pagano’s chair, L.A Park tossed him out of the ring and managed to get his Spear in on Psicosis.  

Major League Wrestling takes the Super Series 5-3. The crowd also ran the luchadores their money and threw coins in the ring afterward.

Contra Unit Takes Over MLW?! 

Following the conclusion of the match, Contra Unit takes over the MLW Fusion feed to show that they targeted the New York headquarters of the company. It has to be much smaller than say WWE HQ because Contra isn’t the biggest faction even with its soldiers and Sentai Death Squad. Anyway, they managed to sweep through the HQ while most of the roster was either at home or in Mexico.  

Contra Unit takes over MLW

Davey Boy Smith Jr was the main one injured in the attack with leader Josef Samael telling us that Court Bauer is in cowering off-camera. He says it’s over for Major League Wrestling and its rapid rise. It’s the age of Contra Unit now! MLW invested in this to the degree of having Samael take over the company’s Twitter. 

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