Matt Hardy def. Sammy Guevara, Young Bucks and Hangman Page Return | AEW Dynamite Results (5/20/2020) | All Elite Wrestling

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Matt Hardy def. Sammy Guevara, Young Bucks and Hangman Page Return | AEW Dynamite Results (5/20/2020) | All Elite Wrestling

AEW Dynamite is almost over, we’ve just got the main event left. Sammy Guevara takes on Matt Hardy!

Matt Hardy vs. Sammy Guevara

Sammy ducks a clothesline. Goes behind, smacking him across the head. Matt backs him into the corner, spins into a big shot to the face. Pulls his arm across the top rope, headbutts him in the face repeatedly. Power whip to the corner! Pulls him to his feet and throws him to the floor! Matt slams Sammy’s head repeatedly into the steel steps! Hoists him up and drops him onto the barricade! Smashes Sammy’s hand over and over on the apron! Pushes him against the ringpost and forces his eyes to open as he hollers into his ear! Pulls him shoulder-first into the ringpost! Hardy yells about how he’ll avenge Vanguard, tosses him into the barricade and it just flies! That’s the furthest I’ve seen it go yet!

Matt throws him into the ring. Starts up a “Delete” chant and goes for a Twist of Fate but Sammy Guevara handstands out of it, thrust kick nailed! Driving elbows into his head. Sammy drives him into the corner, hits an enziguri, tries a Springboard Cutter but Matt blocks it, Reverse DDT Neckbreaker for a nearfall! Sammy with a chop, Matt responds with a big punch. Hoists him up, wants a big Razor’s Edge but Sammy reverses for a big rana! Matt rolls to the floor. Guevara hits the ropes, Corkscrew Tope! Commercial break. In the inset, Sammy takes Matt to the post and rams him into it just like Matt did to him earlier.

Takes him into the ring. Pursues, running punt kick to the ribs! Stomps him around the ring and poses, covers for a 2 count. Gets him into the corner, big knife edge chop but Matt reverses and chops him instead! Sammy reverses a whip though and hammer throws him into the corner! Cover for a 2 count! Body slam, and a standing moonsault but Matt rolls out of the way, Sammy crashes and burns! Matt blocks a punch and responds with some forearms, rams Sammy’s head into all three turnbuckles! Sets him up on his shoulders, Snake Eyes! Hits the ropes, lariato! Side Effect for a nearfall! Pulls him up, Sammy with a pump kick blocked, Protobomb-esque maneuver for a nearfall!

Gets him onto his shoulders, but Matt escapes, nails a Twist of Fate! But Sammy rolls to the floor, prevents the pin! Hardy has to bring him back into the ring, covers but Sammy kicks out! Matt whips him to the ropes but Sammy with a sudden high knee! Running kick to the face! And a vicious thrust kick for a nearfall! Sammy going up top now! Wants a Shooting Star, Matt avoids it, and the Twist Of Fate spikes him onto his head! Somehow it’s a nearfall!! Matt is shocked and also seems to have a nick on his forehead! Matt pulls off Sammy’s boot. Bites at the socked foot! Referee pulls him away, Sammy with a biiig high knee! And a super narrow nearfall, last second kickout there! Sammy to the apron, with one shoe hits a Springboard Cutter! Slowly drags him over and covers, another very close nearfall! Sammy staggers to his feet, going up top again… Shooting Star Press but this time Hardy gets the knees up, cradle for a nearfall! Kick, Twist Of Fate spikes him again and this one finally gets the victory!

Winner: Matt Hardy

Man, putting him over as strong as he could even with beating him, it took three Twist of Fates for him to beat him. Hardy takes up a chair but on the big screen, the Inner Circle have Kenny Omega leaned against the goalposts at the football field! They douse him with water… Matt rushes up the stairs but Jericho takes a baseball to the gut of Kenny! But the Young Bucks appear from the stands, flying crossbodies take out Proud-N-Powerful! Hager tries to toss them but they land on their feet, take steel chairs to the Inner Circle! Matt Hardy makes his way into the fray, it’s a big brawl. Still no Hangman Page yet though! Baseball bat and chair shots aplenty, many hands thrown. Inner Circle have the numbers advantage… until Hangman Page runs all the damn way across the field to nail Hager with a lariat! Page grabs Jericho and throws him right into the goalpost! The Elite win out from here and the Inner Circle have to retreat!

Afterwards though, Hangman walks off by himself as the rest of the Elite congregate, great camera shot of that.

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