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MJF def. Jungleboy | AEW Double Or Nothing 2020 Results | All Elite Wrestling


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AEW Double Or Nothing 2020 is off to quite a start after that incredible Casino Ladder Match and now, we have two bright stars of the future squaring off with MJF going up against Jungleboy! MJF comes out in what looks suspiciously like a Cody jacket.

MJF vs. Jungleboy

Chant of “Jungle” as we start. Lock-up, Jungle with a hip toss, squaring off. Max yells at the crowd. Lock-up, MJF with a side headlock. Jungle shoots him off, MJF with a shoulder block but Jungleboy kips up. Max trips him down, rolls over a duck under and gestures to his junk. Jungleboy does the same and gives him the taunt back. Shoulder block, Max kips up but Jungleboy trips him by the hair! Max rolls out of the ring and is not too happy about the monkey see, monkey do. Back in the ring, test of strength teased but Max backs off. They lock hands, chain wrestling sequence, both forcing kickouts, double bridge! Jungle with a body scissors now, Max fights his way out and wrenches on the legs! Jungle rolling back and forth, reverses and there’s the upside down leg locks! Max with a slap, Jungle responds with several more! And mounted punches now!

MJF scrambles up, evades a corner charge and chops him until Jungleboy reverses, wicked chops! Whip to the opposite corner, MJF with a floatover but after a short stagger his leg gives out. Jungleboy seems concerned, medics checking on him… MJF reveals the act and nails him in the back, stomps him against the mat! Side headlock, grinding Jungleboy against the mat. Jungle fights his way up, back elbows to the gut, hits the ropes but MJF surprises him with a biiig overhead belly to belly! Nice throw! Max strutting towards him. Jungle sslaps him across the face, ducks under his legs, Springboard Crossbody! Ducks a shot again but on the second attempt Max nails him with a back elbow!

Jungleboy tries a Poison Rana, MJF tries to counter with a facebuster but Jungle turns it into a Victory Roll for a nearfall! Max with a big backbreaker for 2, then rains down punches! MJF with a big arm drag takes Jungle into the corner, hitting hard! Hooks the arms in the top rope, overhand chop to the chest. Jungle kicks a chop, series of kicks, rebounds off the ropes for a strong lariat! Big knife edge chop in the ropes! And another! One in every side of the ring! Max stumbles to his knees, Jungle pulls him abck up and the chops rain down! Hits the ropes, Roll-Through Double Chop!

Max with an armbreaker on his way up, low bridge takes him outside, MJF charges outside and just slaps him across the face as hard as he can! Throws him into the ring. Jungle with a sudden tope suicida! And a second one! And for the third, a tope con hilo! Throws him into the ring, Springboard Swinging DDT spikes him! Hooks the leg, but MJF with a boot on the bottom rope for the break! Jungle’s got a bum arm now. Charges, Max with a back elbow stops him. Goes up top, double footstomp to the singled out arm!! Arm wringer, wants the Salt Of The Earthbar, Jungle fights out and they come nose to nose. Max with a meaty chop. Jungle responds hard! Trading chops again!

Max teases another chop but instead smacks him in the arm! Jungle fights back with his one hand! Max with a shot to the throat cuts him off! Hits the ropes, Jungle with a superkick, Max rebounds into a rolling elbow, Jungle with a Canadian Destroyer, Max with a thrust kick and falls onto a cover! Off the nearfall, Jungleboy gets him in a Crossface! But because of his injured arm he can’t maintain the grip! Max bites the hand when he tries to reapply, Max ducks a shot, Pumphandle Driver!!! Yikes!! Nearfall! Max takes him to the apron… JUNGLEBOY WITH A POISON RANA SENDING HIM HEADFIRST ONTO THE APRON!!!

Max is totally laid out, spread eagled, wide-eyed on the floor. Jungleboy does not want to win by countout even though it looks like he easily could, he pulls him to his feet and with one arm he takes him into the ring! Jungleboy goes up top… Max grabs the leg of Aubrey Edwards, shoves her into the ropes and it crotches Jungleboy! Haven’t seen that in a while. Max going up top, smacking the bum arm, hooks it for a superplex, Jungleboy fighting it… headbutt but doesn’t quite send him to the mat. Jungle cinches, FLYING SIT-OUT POWERBOMB FOR A CLOOOOSE NEARFALL! This is a damn classic!

Jungle trying to deadlift Max but his arm is too hurt for it. He tries it again, MJF reverses into the Salt Of The Earth, Jungleboy spisn out before it’s applied, blocks a Tiger Driver attempt, on the second try he back body drops and bridges him for a 2 count! Max grabs the arm again, point of the elbow into the shoulder, Jungle keeping the hands locked to prevent the Armbar… Jungle stacks him up for a nearfall! MJF with an O’Connor Roll and a hold of the tights for 2, Jungleboy reverses, but Max manages to bridge back and narrowly gets the pin!

Winner: MJF

It is… a little frightening how good these guys are at this age. That was straight up a PPV main event caliber match right here on the second match of the night. Hot damn.

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