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MJF def. Marko Stunt | AEW Dynamite Results (5/20/2020) | All Elite Wrestling


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MJF def. Marko Stunt | AEW Dynamite Results (5/20/2020) | All Elite Wrestling

AEW Dynamite rolls on. MJF makes his entrance, Wardlow by his side as we see a replay of Wardlow assaulting Marko Stunt. MJF will be facing Marko’s partner Jungleboy at Double or Nothing but he has Stunt himself here this evening.

MJF vs. Marko Stunt

Big chant of “Marko” from the ringside wrestlers. MJF and Marko starting out with a posedown. Marko tries for a bodyslam to zero avail, MJF responds with a big bodyslam of his own. Goes up to the second rope and yells at the camera. Marko trying to fight back but there’s no effect. Max hoists Marko up with a bear hug, greatest of ease. Marko attempting to Bell Clap his way free, and actually manages it! Ducks a few elbows, Sunset Flip attempted, MJF is teetering… until he isn’t, just makes a rude gesture and hoists Marko to his feet, TOSSES him with an overhead belly to belly and kips up. He is chewing gum as he’s wrestling.

Struts his way to the corner, snapmare. Grabs Marko’s wrist and makes him slap himself like a schoolyard bully. He also forces him to pick his own nose and then stick that same finger into his mouth. Marko with a slap, Max is mad. Shin kick! Marko hits the ropes but a lariat flips him onto his face! Mounted punches. Takes him to the middle rope and chokes him as he calls out Jungleboy. Distracts the referee as Wardlow continues the rope choke! Max pulls him to his feet and just hurls him across the ring by the hair. Takes him up top. Shot to the chest, trying for a superplex now as he demands Tony call him the future. Marko fights back and sends him to the mat, Dragonrana sends MJF into the buckle! Ducks a clothesline, dropkick staggers MJF! And another one!

On the third, Max sidesteps. Wants a back suplex but Stunt flips out of it, sunset flip, spring up into a Shining Wizard! Low bridge sends MJF to the floor, and now, wants a Baseball Slide but MJF traps him into the apron! But on the axe handle attempt Marko slips away and MJF hurts himself on the apron, Marko sidesteps a charge and sends him into the steps! Now he tries for the lope suicida but MJF stops him with a big forearm! Goes inside, Shoulder Breaker into the Salt Of The Earth Bar, no choice but to tap!

Winner: MJF

Very good TV match, pretty much exactly what I expected. Afterwards Max calls for the mic and says we’re so proud of him, he shocked the world and lasted a lot longer than anyone thought he would. He’d like to give him a present and have one of his rats give him a kiss but then he remembered that nobody in the whole world would want to touch his lips. But since he’s so Salt of the Earth, he’ll let him kiss the ring. Wardlow picks Marko up and holds him in place as Max nails him with the Dynamite Diamond Ring! Luchasaurus and Jungleboy rush out to the ring and run MJF and Wardlow off!

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