Nyla Rose & Britt Baker def. Hikaru Shida & Kris Statlander | AEW Dynamite Results (5/20/2020) | All Elite Wrestling

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Nyla Rose & Britt Baker def. Hikaru Shida & Kris Statlander | AEW Dynamite Results (5/20/2020) | All Elite Wrestling

AEW Dynamite continues. We now have a tag team match, Kris Statlander and Hikaru Shida teaming up to face off with Nyla Rose and Britt Baker, a preview for two women’s matches at Double or Nothing. For once Hikaru is not particularly happy on her way out, after being hit by her own kendo stick last week. And Rose in fact comes out still wielding the kendo stick.

Nyla Rose & Britt Baker vs. Hikaru Shida & Kris Statlander

The fight breaks out before the bell, Nyla and Hikaru fighting over the kendo stick, Britt gets whipped into by Statlander! Aubrey makes sure the kendo stick is out of the ring, Shida with a big bulldog to Nyla and Statlander with a flip senton to the back! Double whip on Britt, she catches herself in the ropes and bails to the outside. The bell finally rings after some order is restored. Shida pulls Nyla to Kris for a double suplex but Rose blocks it, sends Shida to the apron, Statlander hooks Rose in the ropes for a big dropkick! Hits the ropes for a tope on Britt but Nyla surprises her with a big pounce!!

Stomps Statlander and throws her to the corner, kicks her and grinds her against the buckle until she spills to the apron. Pulls her up to her feet and over to the opposite corner, chokes her against the ropes and grabs at her teeth. Body slam, leg drop! Britt makes it clear she does not want the tag right yet. Commercial break, continues in the inset. Nyla with a side slam, running splash for a 2 count! Rose with a looong delayed vertical suplex! Britt still declines the tag, which seems to be annoying Nyla! She grabs her by the throat and forces her to tag in. Britt comes into the ring, Statlander with a cradle for a 2 count, Baker puts the boots to her! Statlander fights back but Britt takes her to the heel corner. Statlander knocks Britt away, Pele Kick to Nyla!

Baker grabs the foot, Statlander with an enziguri, dives for the tag to Shida! Nyla rushes in, Shida whips Rose to the corner, whips Britt into her, charging high knee to both! Shida outside, pulls her to the apron and pounds on her. Big running knee to the face! Gets Britt back into the ring, vertical suplex for a 2 count. Tag to Statlander, pounding her in the corner, Nyla charges in but she’s sidestepped and squashes Baker! Shida and Statlander hoist Nyla up and send her crashing into Baker with a Double Attitude Adjustment essentially! Tag for a nearfall! Statlander hoists Britt up for a Michinoku Driver, Nyla breaks it up!

Rose pulls Baker to the corner to tag herself in, takes it to Statlander. Throws her to the corner, wants the mounted punches but Statlander carries her to the center of the ring and plants her with a facebuster! Shida tags in, missile dropkick to Rose! Hits the ropes for a running knee strike to the back of the head! Close nearfall. Pulls her up and wants a suplex, not gonna work, Rose reverses. Hikaru with some forearms, hits the ropes, Rose with a big clothesline! Statlander tags in I guess and clotheslines Rose for a nearfall. Medics are checking on Britt Baker. Rose with a back body drop and a bridge for a nearfall! Nyla pulls Hikaru up for the Beast Bomb and Statlander cannot break up the pin in time.

Winners: Nyla Rose & Britt Baker

I don’t think that was the intended finish at all, I’m pretty sure Hikaru was gonna pin Britt Baker but it seems she got taken out with a serious injury. Hope it’s not as severe as it seems. Afterwards, Nyla goes out and throws a table into the ring. Sets it up, kinda taking her time with it. She pulls Shida onto the table and goes up to the second rope! But Statlander grabs her to stop her, allows Shida to go up there with her! Hooks her… SUPERPLEX THROUGH THE TABLE! Yikes!

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