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Otis Challenges The Miz & John Morrison | WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results (5/15/2020)


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WWE Friday Night SmackDown commences, recap of the ridiculous Money In The Bank Ladder Match(es). We then begin properly with the episode of MizTV. Miz and Morrison are in the ring and they get a couple lines into a heel promo before Heavy Machinery’s music hits and out comes Otis, celebrating as only he can with the briefcase.  Otis can’t sit in the director’s chair they have for him because he’s fat.

Otis says in his career this was his biggest win but in life, his biggest win was winning over the heart of his peach Mandy Rose. Morrison asks how he pulled that off, does she feel sorry for him? Or is he just that good in the sack? Suggests he must be packing some real meat. Miz tries to stop him and Morrison says that he was talking about ‘in the briefcase’. They ask what he has in that briefcase. He talks about the contract and some stuff he keeps around, eventually admits that he does indeed have a bratwurst in there.

Miz and Morrison flash up some childhood photos. They discuss Otis’ early years and he goes into how he was a 12-pound baby, how his mother was his biggest fan from day one and how he grew up with a learning disability. They don’t actually name it but he has talked publicly about suffering from dyslexia as a kid. He says that school didn’t make sense to him because of this disability. But his mom helped put him on track to do various sports, especially wrestling, because wrestling always made sense to him.

They really spend the whole time making fun of Otis but he no sells it, seemingly incapable of being in a sour mood at this point. But eventually Miz drops the act and starts yelling about how he used the Money In The Bank briefcase to launch himself into superstardom and he can’t believe that someone like Otis is holding it now, AND he got the girl?! He sounds hilariously jealous, especially for someone who’s got Maryse to go home to! Otis decides he wants the two of them in a tag match but it seems like Tucky’s not here tonight. So the Miz dares him to find a partner, any partner who might possibly want to team with Shrek. That’s how it ends.

During the segment they were interrupted by a stagehand coming in to mess with the set. I assume Otis will end up teaming with that stagehand.

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