Private Party def. Lee Johnson & Musa | AEW Dark Results (5/12/2020) | All Elite Wrestling

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AEW Dark continues. In our next bout we see another band of returning names who we haven’t seen wrestle in quite a while, as Marq Quen and Isiah Kassidy, aka Private Party take on Lee Johnson & Musa. On their way out Private Party play the part of being their own bouncers since Atlas Security isn’t around due to prevailing circumstances.

Private Party (Marq Quen & Isiah Kassidy) vs.  Lee Johnson & Musa

Lee Johnson starts out with Kassidy. Johnson with a waistlock, Kassidy reverses. Johnson with a wristlock, but Kassidy with a single leg. Tag to Quen who comes in with a hilo! Quen with an inverted atomic drop setting Johnson up for a step-up enziguri from Kassidy! And then we see the Camel Clutch/Leapfrog Double Footstomp combo! Musa rushes in but gets taken to the apron, Poetry In Motion Dropkick sends Musa to the floor! Quen with an Irish Whip into a high flying dropkick. Johnson reverses a whip and Musa low bridges Quen to the outside! Lee Johnson with a big tope taking Quen down! Throws Quen into the ring and covers for a 1 count.

Johnson takes Quen to the heel corner, Musa tags in and kicks him in the gut. Pulls him towards the center, Vertical Suplex nailed for a 1 count. Musa with a cheap shot to Kassidy, double push kick into a Roll Through Dropkick to Quen! Tag to Johnson. Keeps Quen isolated. Quen reverses a whip but Johnson with a sunset flip, only for Quen to drag him across the ring to make the tag to Kassidy! Since Johnson’s already on the mat Quen goes up top and nails him with a Senton Bomb! Dropkick takes Musa to the floor! Quen with a whip into a Leaping Leg Lariat! Chop to the chest in the Private Party corner.

Kassidy tags in, whips Quen into a leaping back elbow in the corner and there’s a big avalanche splash from Kassidy as Quen tags back in, hits an enziguri, Kassidy holds Johnson for a diving foot stomp to the chest, Stun Gun hit, Quen with a guillotine legdrop sending Johnson sprawling to the ramp! Quen with a tope crossbody to Musa, then charges and dives over the top rope for a splash to Johnson on the ramp! Whip, Kassidy back body drops Johnson into the ring! Kassidy leaps in with a Spinning Flatliner! Marq Quen up top for a Shooting Star Press and that’s more than enough for this one!

Winner: Private Party

Not surprised that Private Party have learned yet more zany tag moves in their time off. May they never stop.

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