Sasha Banks Catches Flack For Cameo Price

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With Becky Lynch out on maternity leave, Sasha Banks is likely the most popular female wrestler on the WWE roster right now. She is well aware of this, with 4.6 million Instagram Followers, and 2 million on Twitter. Because of this, she would cash in on the growing trend of cameo. For those unaware, cameo is a rising platform where you can pay for a personalized video message from various celebrities. You want Gilbert Gottfried to tell Ring Of Honor to hire Danhausen? That will be 150$. Several wrestlers have already gotten in on this, with people like Big E, Matt Hardy, Bret Hart, Chavo Guerrero, and more. Sasha Banks is one of the most pricey in the bunch though, and her asking price has fans angry.

Sasha Banks Raised Her Price After Selling Out

Sasha Banks figured she would be fine pricing her shoutouts at 200$ a piece, and then quickly would sell out. Because of this, she would crank the price up to 375$, which has some fans mad. People thought that given the pandemic situation, it was inappropriate to be charging that much for a video message. You could even see fans comparing this to price gouging things such as hand sanitizer. However, other more rational people view Cameo as what it is, a luxury. If you have the money to pay Sasha Banks 375$ for a minute long message, you aren’t fretting on the price. Her price is high yes, but she isn’t charging the most.

MJF Charges 500$ Per Cameo

Looking to play into his gimmick, Maxwell Jacob Friedman decided that when he made his Cameo account, he would charge a crisp 500$ per voice message. This is so that no one would bother him unless they made it worth his time. Since launching the account last year, he got one request which was from the man who was spotted dressed as Scooby-Doo at AEW events. This ended with MJF cutting a promo on the man he dubbed the Scooby-Dooby Douchebag.This makes him one of the highest prices in the athlete section on Cameo, up there with names like Dennis Rodman & Ric Flair. At the time of writing, the highest priced Cameo on the site is from Caitlyn Jenner who asks 2,500$ per video message.

What do you think on the topic of wrestlers using cameo? Who would be someone you’d pay for a video message from?

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