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AEW Double Or Nothing 2020 is almost finished and it’s gotta be said, to have a show of this caliber in an empty arena is honestly incredible. We have but the main event left and it’s one that’s been taped yesterday and has been talked up quite a bit as a match unlike any other before it. Before we get to it, they go ahead and do the show recap. Makes me wonder if this match is not gonna have commentary. We’ve got the Stadium Stampede match, pitting the Elite versus the Inner Circle. Here we go!

Stadium Stampede Match: The Elite (Kenny Omega, Hangman Page, Matt Hardy & The Young Bucks) vs. The Inner Circle (Chris Jericho, Jake Hager, Sammy Guevara & Proud-N-Powerful)

We cut to a wide shot of the TIAA Bank Arena. They managed to get Justin Roberts’ voiceover for the introductions. The Inner Circle are introduced, making their way out in football gear amidst a ton of fire and smoke! Otis and Guevara actually have the helmets. Buncha Jaguars cheerleaders in facemasks. Now out come the Elite with much thre same fanfare but looking like they got the usual gear. Hangman Page has more pyro than the others… but he’s not showing up. The others are concerned. Matt has tons of tape on his ribs by the way. Aubrey Edwards blows the whistle and the match begins!

They charge from afar with a big wide shot and attack each other with trash cans, brooms, footballs and right hands! Sammy nails Kenny with a football right in the head! Hager with knees to the gut of Matt Jackson. Jericho with Hockey Punches to M. Jackson! Kenny tosses a trash can at Guevara and sends him rolling! Proud-N-Powerful double team suplex Nick Jackson onto the AEW logo! Sammy is favoring his neck… watching, shocked as HANGMAN PAGE RIDES A HORSE ONTO THE FIELD! SAMMY TURNS AND RUNS! He is fortunately faster than this horse, he does not want to get run over again! He just rushes into the stadium proper and Page hightails after him!

Jericho takes Nick into the ring that’s actually there by the way, nails him with a shoulder block! Nick leap frogs, blocks a n arm drag, ducks a Judas Effect, spin kick to the gut, Matt Jackson into the ring, Poetry In Motion Dropkick! Proud-N-Powerful into the ring, they evade a double superkick, low bridge Matt Jackson, Double Reverse Suplex to Nick! Assisted Moonsault! Kenny breaks up the pin, takes Ortiz to the outside, nails Santana out of the air with a Spinebuster! Hager rushes the ring to clobber Kenny, Matt into the ring with a second rope elbow drop! Jericho surprises him with a Codebreaker! Sammy Guevara rushes back out, high knee to Matt Jackson! Goes up top, wants a Shooting Star Press but Hardy avoids it!

Elite back in the ring now, Matt hoists Sammy up for a double enziguri/buckle bom combo, Matt with his Spiking Twist of Fate on Guevara! Kenny positions him, hits the ropes, but Jericho stops the V-Trigger and pulls him outside! The brawl spills to the field again, Nick Jackson with a tope onto the crowd! Santana with an Asai Moonsault to the pile as well! Matt Jackson avoided it but is favoring his ribs! Sammy Guevara up top now as the crowd gathers again, Sammy with a Shooting Star Press onto the lot! Matt hits Sammy in the gut with a helmet! Hager tosses Omega. Matt with an elbow to the back of Sammy’s head, Ortiz takes a trash can lid to Hardy’s head!

Guevara with a shot to the ribs of Matt Jackson, Kenny with body shots to Hager, knee to the gut. Jericho tosses Nick Jackson into the goal post! Sammy does the same to Matt! Double teaming on Nick. Mean knife edge chops. Matt Jackson takes a ladder over to the endzone! Nick body slams Jericho and Guevara! Matt scales the ladder… and now he’s going over to the goal post! MOONSAULT OFF THE GOALPOST!!!! Jesus Christ with broken ribs he does this! Covers Jericho for a cloooose nearfall!!

Omega and Ortiz are fighting in the stands meanwhile! Proud-N-Powerful double teaming Omega now, hitting him with traffic cones! Santana sends Omega into the arena! Hager and Hardy come over and enter the building as well. Hangman is still on that horse looking for Sammy. He decides to get off the horse and tells her to stay, and now he’s… off to the bar. Meanwhile Matt Hardy is being pounded, loaded socks to the back from Santana and Ortiz! Same to Kenny as well, until Omega reverses a whip and sends Ortiz into the trash cans! Santana rams Hardy into a barricade, Kenny attacks him with the loaded sock! Body slam sends Ortiz onto a fallen over recycling bin!

Kenny bridges a barricade across two tables, wants to suplex Ortiz through it but Santana throws salt into his eyes to blind him! Double front suplex sends Kenny onto the barrier! Now they’re going up there with him, this won’t end well. DOUBLE POWERBOMB SENDS HIM RIGHT THROUGH THE BARRICADE! They cover but Matt Hardy breaks it up! Takes the sock to them until Santana cuts him off. Drags him by the hair into a wheelchair! And they’re near a pool it looks like. Ortiz demands they make him swim! Proud-N-Powerful toss him into the drink! Santana double sfootstomps his way into the water! Ortiz says he can’t swim sadly. Santana bites at the face of Matt as Ortiz tentatively enters. They dip his head into the water and try to drown him! But Hardy bursts up with a Hardyz pose!

They dunk him again but a Matt Fact pops up talking about how he can hold his breath for something like 385 seconds! Santana and Ortiz can see it and they’re stunned! He pops up in V1 gear! They dunk him again and leave him for dead as he floats in the water. But finally Damascus himself pops out of the water! He demands vengeance for Vanguard 1! He lays Otiz onto a table, Santana rushes over but a back body drop sends him through the table and his partner! Matt takes Ortiz over to a giant bell and puts him in it as he rings it! Ortiz is shaking afterwards! Matt tells him he needs the chair of wheels! He duct tapes it to him as he gives him a prescription that ends with a slap!

Santana attacks him but Hardy is lacing shots into him. Ortiz is somehow pursuing, still tied to the wheel chair! Going very slowly mind you. Hardy drives Santana into the Ice Box and then sends him inside! He takes a broom and uses it to keep the doors locked, telling him the ice will help with his inflammation! Jake Hager is looking for Hangman indoors… finds the horse! And this tells him to go into the bar! He sits at the bar next to Page and says he knew he’d find him hiding in here. Page asks if he came here to fight or to drink. Turns out it’s for both. THey take a swig and then go at each other! Page with a few punches but Hager with a driving knee to the gut, throws him over the pool table! Page with a poole cue to the gut, breaks it across his back – but Hager is unphased! Wants to send him into the bar but Page backflips his way off of it!

Back rolls onto the pool table to avoid a charge! Page leaps off the table but Hager catches him out of the air and just SLAMS him onto the pool table! Wicked shots to the back, Hager deadlifts Page up and takes him onto the bar! This is mandatory. Grabs his vest and slides him all across the bar, through a ton of beer bottles, plates of nachos and even across a table after that to the floor! Doctor Bomb through a table follows! Close nearfall!! Kenny Omega comes in to pull Page off of Hager’s shoulders, nails a beer bottle across Hager’s head but he no sells! Goozles him but Page breaks it up, gives him another bottle to smash over his head! Page with a Discus Bubbly Shot! Omega with another! Hager is staggering drunkenly! Ironic. Omega with a V-Trigger! Omega flips off the back of Omega for the Buckshot Lariat sending Hager over the bar! And now he’s pouring Kenny some milk. Kenny gives him some beer as well.

MEANWHILE. Matt Jackson sends Guevara right into the ladder! Jackson wants to throw him into the barrier but Guevara blocks, springs off for a big kick! Charges, but Matt Jackson counters with a Northern Lights Suplex! And the locomotion continues, he might do this across the entire field! As this continues, Jericho and Nick are fighting across a spotlight. Jericho hits Nick Jackson with the first down flag and makes a crack about how that’ll move the chains. Jericho grabs a bullhorn and yells through it that Nick Jackson should’ve stayed home! Nick gets it away from him and nails him with it! THrows a few footballs at him, one nailing him low! Nick wants to throw him into the Jaguar mouth but Jericho reverses and sends him right into it! Jaxson De Ville, the mascot comes up and pelvic thrusts towards Jericho… JERICHO LAYS OUT JAXSON DE VILLE WITH A JUDAS EFFECT!

Meanwhile Matt’s Northern Lights Suplexes are still going all across the field! Jericho with his witch parody again but Nick superkicks the traffic cone off his head! They fight towards the stands, Jericho nails Nick with a baseball bat and covers! It’s a nearfall but Jericho throws a red challenge flag and demands a replay! Aubrey takes him over to the replay booth and we see it again, it was indeed a 2 count. Matt Jackson takes Sammy to the opposite endzone, it’s a touchdown! And he spikes him for good measure, big endzone dance but Rick Knox gives him a 15-yard penalty for it. Matt Jackson responds with a superkick! Jericho taking the bat to Nick until Matt Jackson makes the save. Lays Jericho across a table, as Nick Jackson runs all the way down the staidum steps, leaps to the railing and comes off with a wild frog splash through the table!

Afterwards, Page casually takes the linemarker across Jericho’s crotch and face. Elsewhere, the knocked out Sammy Guevara is awoken by the sprinklers coming on beneath him! Sammy stands up, thinks he’s the only one around and celebrates his victory! But just then, he hears the sound of a revving engine. Matt Hardy and Kenny Omega are in the golf cart once more! He makes a big dash, leaps the barrier into the stands to avoid it! Kenny and Hardy scale up in pursuit, Sammy is tossing chairs at the Elite, he’s surrounded, trying his damnedest to leave! Kenny is hot on his trail, kick sends him away! Matt Hardy is next up, takes a boot as well. Sammy pulls him onto the platform and chokes him! Yells that he’s gonna kill him! BUT NOW WE SEE THE SIGHTS OF NEO-1, THE UPGRADED VANGUARD 1! It distracts Guevara, allowing Kenny to hit him with a V-Trigger! Hoists him onto the platform, KENNY WITH A ONE WINGED ANGEL FROM HELL, OFF THE PLATFORM AND INTO A LOWER TIER, CRASHING THROUGH THE PLYWOOD! Kenny lands upon Sammy and that gets the pin!!

Winner: The Elite

Absolute freaking madness. It was everything I expected and wanted it to be. Holy hell. And the Elite get their win! And naturally there’s a Gatorade shower to celebrate! Now the BTE logo appears on the jumbotron as the Elite celebrate amidst a huge pyro show! And the show goes off the air, an unforgettable one to be sure.

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