Who Will Win Money In The Bank: Nia Jax

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Who Will Win Money In The Bank: Nia Jax

Ever since she returned to WWE on the night after Wrestlemania 36, Nia Jax has been determined to get back to the peak of the Women’s Division. A former RAW Women’s Champion her previous reign was cut short due to a cash in of the Money in The Bank briefcase by Alexa Bliss. Now after beating Kairi Sane in dominant fashion, she has a chance to win the briefcase and become a two time champion. Will The Irresistible Force be the one to climb the corperate ladder?

Nia Jax Is Reckless And Dangerous To Opponents

You only need to look back to a recent episode of Monday Night RAW to see Nia Jax nearly end a career in the ring, when she would throw Kairi Sane into the turnbuckle head first. This is just one example of Nia Jax showing very little regard for the safety of her oppponents, and something that is a benefit her finally. With a match with unique circumstances like this, she will have many chances to potentially just injure her opposition and make her ascent to the roof of WWE HQ even easier.

Finally Getting Her Shot At Becky Lynch

While it feels like ages ago now, Nia Jax had once accidentally started a feud with Becky Lynch. This was during her rise into the character of ‘The Man’, and she was about to face Ronda Rousey in a Champion vs. Champion match at Survivor Series. On the RAW ahead of this, the Smackdown roster would invade RAW, and Lynch would beat down Rousey before a brawl began. During this, Nia Jax would break the nose of Lynch, which would put her out of action for several weeks.

This instantly made Nia Jax one of the most hated names in all of WWE, something which WWE failed to take advantage of. It only helped Becky’s star rise even higher, and she is still riding off that momentuem today. This would make it all the more fitting that Jax could be the one to win Money In The Bank and end Lynch again.

WWE is never going to let an iconic moment like Lynch standing tall with a blody nose go without being beaten into the ground, and they have the chance do just that by having Nia Jax win this coming match. Many feel Becky Lynch needs to be humbled, and that could come very soon.

Do you think Nia Jax will be the one to win Money In The Bank? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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