Will Bobby Lashley Join MVP In WWE?

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Will Bobby Lashley Join MVP In WWE?

Last night at Money In The Bank, we saw the storyline of Bobby Lashley continue. Ever since his match with Aleister Black at Wrestlemania, he has been trying to get back to being a dominant force. This comes after months of being involved in a soap-opera level storyline with Rusev & Lana, which Lashley would win by default as Rusev was released from WWE.

He has been certainly more impressive than ever, with dominant showings on Monday Night RAW in the last chance gauntlet match, only losing due to shoving the referee. At Money In The Bank, he would replace MVP in a match against R-Truth, who he beat in record time. With MVP potentially building a new faction with names like Brendan Vink, Shane Thorne & Apollo Crews, will Bobby Lashley be the ace of the group?

MVP Managed Lashley In The Past

While it didn’t happen within WWE, MVP & Lashley were linked during their time together in Impact Wrestling in 2015. Other members included Low Ki, Kenny King, Hernandez, Eric Young, Samoa Joe & Homicide. During their existence, Lashley would win two TNA World Heavyweight Championships, making it one of the most successful parts of his career. MVP was the perfect mouthpiece for Lashley, and would be a major improvement over Lana in that role.

Every Faction Needs An Ace

In wrestling, factions are one of the best ways to push storylines. It only makes sense that wrestlers will have allies and friends to work alongside, but in most factions there is one clear top star. In Undisputed Era, it’s Adam Cole, in the New Day, it’s Kofi Kingston, in Bullet Club, it’s currently Jay White, but has been Prince Devitt (Finn Balor), AJ Styles & Kenny Omega in the past.

In this brewing faction by MVP, that top star would easily be Bobby Lashley. With Vink & Thorne able to chase the RAW Tag Team Championships, and Apollo Crews looking to redeem his loss to Intercontential Champion Andrade, Bobby Lashley could face the WWE Champion. This would finally make Lashley the top star that WWE has always wanted him to be, and fans who followed his career outside of WWE know that he can be.

Would you want to see Bobby Lashley join forces with MVP? Would he be a credible WWE Champion with a few months of build? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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