Will Ospreay Remembers Hana Kimura On Twitter

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The death of Hana Kimura has the wrestling world shocked. Fans lost one of the most promising talents in Japan, wrestlers lost a one of a kind friend, and her family suffered the greatest loss of all. You will have rarely seen such an outcry of love and support after a passing as we have recently with both Shad Gasspard & Hana Kimura. One story about Hana Kimura that came out particularly stuck with fans, as it said a lot about the type of person that she is. This came from Will Ospreay on Twitter, posted after he found out the tragic news.

Will Ospreay Remembers Meeting Hana Kimura

While most will instantly recognize his name, Will Ospreay is one of the top wrestlers in the world, having some of the best matches of the modern era. By all accounts a great guy, he is well loved in locker rooms wherever he goes, including promotions he doesn’t even work for. During a show for STARDOM, Ospreay was hanging around backstage, likely attending the show with his girlfriend Bea Priestley.

“I remember attending a shin-kiba show in Stardom and I hang out backstage. After the show, I was waiting around and watch a video on my phone. For the life of me, I can’t remember what I was watching but Hana popped her head out and said ‘Hey Ospreay, what you watching?’

She sat next to me and watched this video on my phone for like 5 minutes and as it finished she said ‘I don’t understand’. I laughed and looked at her, and said ‘Why did you stay then?’. She replied, ‘I wanna be with Ospreay’.

The girl had no idea what was being said on the video, but wanted to keep me company whilst I was on my own. We don’t speak the same language, but she cared so much about everyone she met.

Treasure the memories that bring a smile to your face. I love you so much Hana, you brightened up everyday I saw you.”

She Was One Of A Kind

This is just one of many stories that show Hana Kimura as a one of a kind person. She wanted to spend time with a friend, while likely being confused for the duration of whatever video they were watching. It goes to show how wrestling is able to bring people together as well, as that was some of the only common ground Kimura & Ospreay had.

It is great to see people remembering nothing but good things about Kimura. The wrestling industry can be a bleak place behind the scenes, as shown recently by series like Dark Side Of The Ring, but it isn’t all bad. Locker rooms are different now, people are kinder, and the few bad apples won’t spoil this bunch.

What are some of your favorite Hana Kimura stories that have been shared in recent days? Share them in the comment section down below.

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