Wonder Of Stardom Champion Arisa Hoshiki Retires Due To Injuries

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While the hard hitting and fast paced action in companies like Stardom is an absolute treat for fans, it comes at a heavy cost. Talent will generally start training young and their careers will still be cut short. This is the case for Arisa Hoshiki, who is now retired from the ring at only 24 years old. She was the reigning Wonder Of Stardom Champion, which is the second highest belt in the company, with her 370 day reign ending with her vacating the title.

Arisa Hoshiki Makes The Statement On Twitter

Published through the official Stardom Twitter account, we would get the following statement. “Stardom fans, long time no see, thank you for always showing support. It’s Arisa Hoshiki. After asking you to wait, I can now announce it. I was absent from the Kouraken Hall show on March 8th due to head and neck issues. After discussions with doctors, Mr. Harada & Mr. Ogawa, I have decied I will retire.

I’ve not been well for about a year, but I was able to continue because I enjoyed doing professional wrestling and my feelings helped me keep going. However since my physical condition deteriorated this year and I have accumulated various injuries, I am out of balance mentally and physically, so I can’t continue.”

She would go on to lament not being able to defend her title against rivals such as Natsuko Tora, Guilie, and Tam Nakano, and apologized to fans that she wouldn’t be able to bring those matches to them.

Thank You For Everything You’ve Done

It is a shame that a promising star is removed from the picture just as Stardom was on the cusp of breaking out. However, this is an example of someone not wanting to give up their passion, and you can’t help but respect that. There will always come a time when your physical and mental wellbeing will take precident however. At only 24 years old, she still has her entire life ahead of her, even if her days in the ring are now over. This will be immortalized for her past matches and her title reign.

We wish Arisa Hoshiki a happy retirement from wrestling, and now we can look forward to seeing who will step up next as Wonder Of Stardom Champion. Who should hold the white belt next? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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