WWE 205 Live Results: Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan vs. Ever-Rise

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This past week on NXT TV, the double tough tandem of Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch treated Ever-Rise like ragdolls, in an absolute blitz of a tag team match. With all four men being in the range for 205 Live, Ever-Rise would get a chance at redemption in a rematch. Will they have learned from their mistakes, or will they lose again in record time?

Ever-Rise Learned From Their Mistakes

Danny Burch would start against Matt Martel, with Martel being more aggressive, forcing Burch into the corner. A distraction from Parker would allow Ever-Rise to actually get some offense in this time as they would isolate Burch from his partner. However, they don’t get more crafty than Danny Burch, who countered a Thesz press attempt with an ankle pick, before dragging Parker into the corner as he tagged in Oney Lorcan.

A double arm wringer with a double chop would start the brutality. Uppercuts would crumple Parker into a neutral corner before chops would echo through the WWE Performance Center. A quick reveral of an irish whip would get Ever-Rise another chance, but sending Lorcan off the ropes would lead to Martel eating a running uppercut. He would lock in a single leg boston crab as Danny Burch looked to lock in a crossface, the way the NXT match ended. This time though, Lorcan would have Burch thrown into him.

Martel now officially in, would beat down Lorcan in the corner of Ever-Rise, once again using isolation tactics. A neckbreaker from Parker would get a near-fall, but you don’t beat Oney Lorcan that easily. A double irish whip would send Lorcan into the neutral corner, before Martel locked in a chin lock. Lorcan would find an opening with a running Blockbuster, before getting the tag to his partner.

Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch Still Kicked Their Asses

With a fresh Burch in, he would unleash fury with some heavy strikes to Parker. A middle rope dropkick followed by a running clotheline, an enzuguri, a release German Suplex AND a huge lariat would leave Parker wondering what year it was. Only Martel breaking up the pin saved this match, and he would eat a huge headbutt. A blind tag to Martel would leave Burch open for a double team maneuver, as Ever-Rise hit a Samoan Drop, flipping Neckbreaker combo. While it was set up different, this was the finisher of Cryme Tyme, making this a possible reference. It wouldn’t get the win as Lorcan broke the pin up . Burch would lock in the crossface, as Lorcan would trap Parker in a single leg boston crab. Both men would tap out again, in a repeat finish from NXT.

This match was a simple but fun tag team match, and another win for Lorcan & Burch as they chase the NXT Tag Team Championships. Will Ever-Rise step up again to this team, or try another approach to make their name? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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