WWE 205 Live Results: Danny Burch vs. Tehuti Miles

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WWE 205 Live Results: Danny Burch vs. Tehuti Miles

As part of a tag team with Oney Lorcan, Danny Burch has been on top of the world. They are set to meet Imperium at NXT Takeover: In Your House. Despite this, Burch is still a singles wrestler on occasion for 205 Live, and this week the British Brawler would step in the ring with the upstart Tehuti Miles. Would Burch get another win on his way to his tag title shot, or would Miles get the upset win?

Tehuti Miles Plays Mind Games

Burch would go for a lockup to start the match, but Miles would dodge and shove him aside. They would lock up, and Miles would get control and shove Burch into the ropes in a show of blatant disrespect. Before he could take a right hand to the face, Miles would slip out of the ring. This seems to be mind games, trying to get inside the head of Burch. However, pissing off Burch just means an ass kicking is coming your way, not exactly something you want to force.

Waking Up The Brawler

Miles would win another lockup, then trip Burch before using his back like a runway, posing as he walked up the back of Burch before fixing his hair and taunting him once again. Miles would get a shot to the face for this, before being locked in a vicious headlock. Burch would launch palm strikes to the nose while maintaining the headlock. Miles would break this after getting to his feet, only to be sent right back down after he’d be picked out of the sky by Burch.

A huge European Uppercut would stun Miles once again, before eating more heavy strikes. This is why you don’t make Burch angry. Some chops in the corner would echo through the WWE Performance Center, but Miles would get a chance to breathe when he’d throw Burch through the ropes. A dropkick would maintain control for Miles, sending Burch right to the floor. Back in the ring Miles would cover Burch for a one count, before launching some ground and pound of his own. A headbutt would stun Miles, but not regain control as Miles would hit a neck breaker then lock in a headlock. A second reverse neckbreaker would get a two count for Miles, before going back to the chin lock. Burch would break free of this with a jawbreaker, launching some right hands before going to the middle rope for a big dropkick.

The End Was Sudden

A running lariat followed by a release German Suplex looked like it could be the end for Miles, as another huge lariat would turn him inside out before Miles rolled to the outside on instinct. Burch would roll him back in the ring, but be caught be a quick roll up by Miles. A pull on the tights for extra leverage, and this win goes to Tehuti Miles, his first televised win for WWE.

Do you think this win is the start of a promising career for Tehuti Miles, or was this a fluke win for the rookie? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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