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WWE 205 Live Results: Tyler Breeze vs. Isaiah Scott


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Ever since an injury to Fandango ended his NXT Tag Team Championship dreams, Tyler Breeze has become a crucial player in the Cruiserweight Division. A determined veteran for the brand, he has gave many men some of their best matches during this time. Now enter his opponent this week in Isaiah Scott, who has only lost a single match in his history on 205 Live. These are two of the best of the best, but who would be able to walk away with the winners share of the purse?

Isaiah Scott Is Having A Very Off Night

Following his loss the recent tournament, Swerve would come into this match with an increased level of focus, but not all of his usual swagger. As the match started, he would grab a wrist lock, but Tyler Breeze would be able to work his way out with an arm wringer before taunting in the corner. After exchanging some words, they would lock up in the middle of the ring, with Swerve pushing Breeze into the corner but Breeze would turn the tables before a clean break. Rushing back in, Swerve would hoist himself over Breeze, showing his quickness rolling Breeze away before missing a kick. He is off his game tonight, and that was made abundantly clear in that sequence.

Another attempt at offense from Swerve with a running elbow in the corner would be dashed as he slipped off the middle rope, allowing Breeze to nail a superkick. Frustration would set in, as he took some time to breath and regroup on the outside, before Breeze would take the fight back to him with a jumping forearm and throwing him into the apron. Some hard strikes to a grounded Swerve, before going for a pin following a snap suplex. Even the kick out from Swerve wasn’t right. Breeze knew this, and was getting very aggressive in this match.

Finally Getting Fired Up

Some hard forearms to the back of the head would almost serve to wake up Swerve, with him having taken enough. A huge right hand to the face would drop Breeze, who would roll to the outside. Swerve would go to the apron, and drop him again with a huge pump kick. After being thrown hard into the apron, Breeze would be rolled back into to the ring for a rolling Facebuster for a near fall. Keeping his foot on the gas, he would take Breeze into the corner but a fight would lead to Swerve having to leap over his opponent, but he would eat an enzuguri upon landing.

Two suplex attempts would be countered, with Breeze able to take advantage in the end with a rolling pinfall for a near fall. Swerve would do the same maneuver but instead of a pinfall he would look to hit a deadlift German Suplex getting a near fall. Looking for the House Call kick, Breeze would dodge and look for a supermodel kick, which would be countered as well. A neckbreaker would only stun Breeze, who came back with a successful Supermodel Kick for a near fall.

Not Much Left In Either Tank

With both men struggling to their feet, the end was in sight with one big move able to finish this. Breeze would work Swerve into the corner, setting him up on the middle rope before hooking the head on the top turnbuckle looking for a kick. Swerve would counter, pushing Breeze away before heading to the top. Breeze would persue him, Swerve slipped out and hit his Pop Up Michinoku Driver he dubbed The Confidence Boost for the win.

This was both a great match, and a great example of storytelling. You got to see Isaiah Scott work past his recent losses, get fired up and overcome a veteran. This puts him back on the road to a future title shot, and Tyler Breeze back to square one. Should Isaiah Scott be in line for a title shot once Jordan Devlin is back around? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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