WWE 205 Live Results: Tyler Breeze vs. Tehuti Miles

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After a brief hiatus of sorts for 205 Live, with the past few weeks focusing on favorite matches from members of the roster, we are back to the status quo of this writers favorite show in WWE. New action from the Cruiserweight division starts fast as NXT veteran Tyler Breeze will face the up and coming Tehuti Miles, who is making his 205 Live debut. Would he finally get a win after losing to Killian Dain, Angel Garza & Dexter Lumis in his previous apperences for WWE? Lets find out!

Tehuti Miles Takes Control Early

The action would start with some disrespect from Miles, catching Breeze off guard by throwing his shirt at him before unloading with some strikes. Breeze would get fired up from this, and hit a big spinebuster before Tehuti Miles would take refuge in the ropes. The referee would keep Breeze away, allowing for another cheap shot from Miles which would be followed by a crisp dropkick to the side of the head. Breeze would roll to the outside, while Miles posed like a model in the middle of the ring.

Back in the ring, Miles would take the advantage once again with some stomps before hitting a Neckbreaker, but took the time to brush his hands through his hair before impact. This would get a two count, and Miles would berate the referee for what he feels a slow count. Keeping on the offensive with more stomps, Miles would go for another neckbreaker for another two before jabs would keep Breeze down. Mocking the veteran, Miles would maintain control with a vicious chinlock would be end with Breeze being slammed headfirst into the mat.

Never Count Out Tyler Breeze

Having taken the bulk of the offense in this match, it was time to prove why Tyler Breeze is a respected veteran in WWE. A Supermodel Kick out of nowhere would get a near fall, but change the pace of the match. Miles had escaped to the corner, and would fight his way out but be hit with another dropkick. An attempted Hurricarana would be countered, and Breeze would be with with a Gutwrench Slam which got Miles another near fall. He’d contest this fall with the official, giving Breeze time to recover, and he’d regret this. After taking Breeze up for another Neckbreaker, Breeze would hit the Unprettier to get the win.

Tehuti Miles looked like an absolute star in this match, with Breeze getting the surprise win in the end. The cocky young star will go far in the company, but needs to learn to press an advantage in a match. We could see Breeze take this man under his wing, and show him how to be a winner and a better model in the process. Could these two work as a tag team? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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