WWE Hits The Revival With A Cease & Desist Letter

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Even now that they are free from the WWE banner, the team formerly known as The Revival are still getting in trouble with their ex-employers. Now known as #FTR, Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson, now known as Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood were hit with a Cease & Desist letter over a shirt design sold by the team on ProWrestlingTees.com.

The Shirt In Question Featured WWE Concept Art


Prior to their leaving WWE, there was plans set in place to have The Revival become a comedy based team, complete with new outfits. The Revival were okay with this idea, but before proving they could have a great match no matter how they looked, they would finally be released from the company. With their newfound freedom, they would look to cash in on this by releasing the leaked concept art on a shirt with minor edits.

The shirt was admittedly ugly, but could now be a collectors piece as it was on sale long enough for some people to have bought it before it was taken down. It makes sense why WWE would shut this sale down, but FTR had their fun with it anyways, I doubt having this shirt taken off their web-store is going to hurt them much. They couldn’t have not guessed exactly this would happen, given how much grief WWE has given this once great tag team.

Could The AEW Debut Of FTR Be Coming Soon?

With Double Or Nothing coming to fans Saturday evening, it signals The Young Bucks being back in action for AEW as part of the Stadium Stampede alongside their fellow Elite allies. This will wrap up the feud between The Inner Circle & The Elite for a little bit, and give a chance for new stories to be told. The main story in the AEW tag division was disrupted with The Dark Order being out of action. With AEW pumping out great matches even without major crowds, having FTR being able to add to their tag team division against teams like Private Party, Best Friends, Lucha Express and more, it both let them build up to a match with The Young Bucks on the first show back with a huge crowd, while distracting from the lack of a top heel tag team.

Were you one of the lucky people to have purchased this now removed shirt? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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