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WWE Main Event Results: Ricochet vs. Shane Thorne


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Main Event might not be the most respected show in the WWE weekly schedule, but sometimes there is a match that sounds like an absolute treat. This week, that is the case as Ricochet takes on Shane Thorne, with their respective partners in their corners. Two of the best wrestlers on Monday Night RAW, they are well capable of having a potential classic in a short time. Would this potential be realized in their first ever televised singles match?

Shane Thorne Forces A Slow Start

Thorne would start by showing his strength, pushing his smaller opponent into the ropes before a clean break. Getting into in the middle of the ring, Ricochet would apply an armlock before Thorne would use his technical skills to take control with an armlock of his own. Slowing down Ricochet would be the way to win this match, and Thorne knows this due to recent tag team encounters. However that is easier said than done, as Ricochet would flip out before being caught in a side headlock. They would trade holds on the mat until Ricochet nearly caught Thorne in a pinfall.

The fists would now start flying, with Thorne pushing Ricochet to the ropes before attempting a punch, only to be dodged and eat a stiff chop. Finally getting moving, Ricochet would blast off the ropes, roll over the back of Thorne, spring out of the way of a clothesline and attempt to catch him with head-scissors, sending him to the outside.

Ricochet Picks The Pace Up

 Thorne would have this classic combo scouted and side step before going for a boot, only to have that caught. He would be spun around and caught with a huge slap to the face. Ricochet would then trip the legs while going to the outside, before hitting a delayed senton over the top rope for a near fall. A battle for control in the corner would end with Ricochet being yanked off the middle rope hard onto his back. Thorne would soar in with a cannonball splash.

Shane Thorne would be back in control after this, with a neck crank in the middle of the ring. Ricochet would fight up and get free with a snapmare before being dropped with a running back elbow and a kick. The pace would stay like this, with Ricochet mounting a comeback and Thorne shutting it down. He would finally get a good chance after shoving Thorne away with his feet before rolling into a front dropkick.

Now fully in control, Ricochet would fly all around the ring with him dropping Thorne with a springboard clothesline before hitting a running shooting star press for a two count. A ripcord knee strikes would give Thorne another chance, as he would hit a huge Saito Suplex for a near fall. Thorne would plucked off the top rope, get stomped to the back of the head, and then Ricochet would hit the Kick Back for the win.

A Main Event Classic

While matches on Main Event are admittedly often not the most exciting, this match was great. With a few more minutes tacked onto the finishing stretch and a faster start, you would have a PPV classic on your hands from these two men. What other matches from the history of Main Event stand out to you? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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