WWE Main Event Results: Shelton Benjamin vs. Akira Tozawa


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WWE Main Event Results: Shelton Benjamin vs. Akira Tozawa

Akira Tozawa is struggling to find his place in WWE right now. On Monday Night RAW, he can’t seem to find any wins. He tried his luck again in the Cruiserweight Division, and finished the Interium Cruiserweight Championship tournament at a respectable 2-1 record, being taken out of the finals with his loss to El Hijo Del Fantasma. On Main Event, he hasn’t won a match since March when he beat Eric Young. This week, he tries once again as he will face the veteran Shelton Benjamin, who is also looking to break a losing streak on Main Event, suffering three losses in a row to Humberto Carrillo in March & April. Who would break their losing ways?

Shelton Benjamin Is A Seasoned Veteran

Benjamin would start by working his way towards Tozawa, with his opponent slipping under his legs and throwing some forearms. The power of Benjamin would let him shrug this off, as Tozawa would start to get some speed going as he hit the ropes, only to be caught on the crossbody attempt. A powerslam would be attempted, but Tozawa would slip out and hit a big enzuguri; only to run into a huge shoulder block before Benjamin would lock in an armlock. Tozawa would fight up, only to eat a huge knee.

Tozawa isn’t one to give up, and would throw some forearms and dodge as Benjamin dove into the corner. He’d hit the ropes and come back with a running hurricarana, sending Benjamin to the outside. Tozawa would go airborne for a suicide dive, only to meet a step up knee from Benjamin instead. Benjamin would follow up with some submssions to slow Tozawa down before slamming him into the mat multiple times, before moving to a suplex. Tozawa would be tortured further after a backbreaker, being bent over the knee of Benjamin.

Tozawa Fires Up

After being grinded down with the backbreaker, Tozawa will have seen enough. When Benjamin would pick him up neck for a slam, Tozawa would reverse into his Octopus Stretch, looking to submit his bigger opponent. Benjamin would be able to power out and lift Tozawa above his head, but this would be countered into an arm drag. A Shining Wizard would put Benjamin down again, and Tozawa would go for a missle dropkick getting a nearfall.

Tozawa would make a huge error and try to lift Benjamin, which was far from successful. Kicks were thrown by both men, with Tozawa slipping between the legs after a missed cyclone kick, but the German Suplex attempt was dashed. Benjamin would quickly move into an anklelock, but Tozawa got out and would get a quick rollup, and hit a superkick as Benjamin rose. Tozawa would go for his diving senton, with Benjamin jumping to the top rope for a Super Belly To Belly before finising with Paydirt.

This match shows why Shelton Benjamin, despite being 44 years old needs a bigger role within WWE. He is still fantastic, and is capable of the same explosive offense that fans loved in the mid-2000’s. Do you think Benjamin deserves another championship push? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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