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WWE NXT Results: KUSHIDA vs. Drake Maverick


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WWE NXT Results: KUSHIDA vs. Drake Maverick

It has all come down to this for Drake Maverick. His name was amongst the batch of released men from the WWE roster, but he would still enter the Interium Cruiserweight Championship tournament. He lost his first match to Jake Atlas, but came back with a win over Tony Nese. Now he must face down perhaps the best wrestler in the world today, KUSHIDA. He knows this won’t be easy, but a win here gets him a chance to reach the finals, but a loss will likely make this his final match in a WWE ring. This isn’t about championships anymore, it’s about saving his job.

KUSHIDA With A Ruthless Assault On The Arm Of Maverick

This match started off with KUSHIDA pushing Maverick into the corner, with a clean break. A tight side-headlock in the middle of the ring would grind down Maverick early. But once free a quick roll-up got him a two count, but was unable to follow up as his opponent would dodge. A technical marvel, KUSHIDA would trap the arm with ease while still on the ground, bringing Maverick down to his level. Again, Maverick would fight free before being shut down with a shoulder block. He would try to stop the momentum of KUSHIDA, but took a basement dropkick to the arm as he tried to roll underneath.

The left arm would show damage, as a kick there would be enough to stop a flurry of punches from Maverick. He would be able to throw KUSHIDA off the ropes, but ate a Handspring Back Elbow for his troubles. A drop-toehold would allow KUSHIDA to work submissions on the left arm, with him instead opting to try and snap the arm as he pushed all his weight down onto it. The referee asked if he wanted to give up, but the answer was obvious. At this time, Jake Atlas would come to ringside to watch this match and cheer on Maverick.

Another arm-breaker followed by a precise dropkick would stop the movement of Maverick once again. After slamming his arm into the mat, a cartwheel dropkick to the face would lead to a near fall. Back to their feet, they would exchange strikes once again but the left arm was too clear a target, making it hard for Maverick to maintain the upper-hand.

Drake Maverick Isn’t Going To Give Up His Dream

A dropkick to the knee would send KUSHIDA face first into the middle turnbuckle, and a missle dropkick would ground him. A Code Red would get a near fall, with KUSHIDA kicking out at two. Taking time to contest the fall would lead to the arm being kicked again.

Maverick would run into a straight right hand before eating two shotei’s, before a knee drop on the right arm. He’d be thrown to the outside to catch his breath, getting back in at an 8 count. A valiant fight would end with a scoop slam. His left arm was useless, he was tired, he was all but beat. Despite this, he would remain defiant. He’d be locked in the Hoverboard Lock, only escaping due to a rope break.

He was running on instinct, heart and passion as he screamed at KUSHIDA to come at him. Eating another Shotei, KUSHIDA would try for the Hoverboard Lock again, only to be placed on the top rope and smacked in the face. Maverick would join him, and while looking for something, he would would be locked in the Hoverboard Lock for four seconds. Continuing to fight, a top rope bulldog would be countered into a cross armbreaker. With the last of his fight, Maverick would put his weight on top of KUSHIDA and get the pinfall.

So What Happens Now?

While El Hijo Del Fantasma is in the finals from the B-Block, we have a three way tie on our hands in the A-Block. KUSHIDA, Drake Maverick and Jake Atlas all have two wins and one loss. KUSHIDA lost to Maverick, Atlas lost to KUSHIDA & Maverick lost to Atlas. Because of this, there is no tie breaker here. A Triple Threat match will be used to decide the winner of these three. Who will win the A-Block with one final match in the Block? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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