Abadon def. Anna Jay | AEW Dynamite Results (6/17/2020) | All Elite Wrestling

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AEW Dynamite continues. We see a little video on Anna Jay talking about how she became a big fan of wrestling from a young age. Her big thing is character and putting on a show and it’s what she wants to bring. She wants to put on a show and that’s where the Star of the Show name came from. Anna’s making her return to Dynamite tonight, after impressing in her debut against Hikaru Shida. She faces off against another crazy character in Abadon! Abadon actually gets a really wild entrance.

Anna Jay vs. Abadon

Abadon charges and takes her down but Jay fights back and clobbers her in the corner – but she no sells it completely! Abadon with a clothesline, chokes her against the middle rope! With a move of the ropes she swings her backwards, hits the ropes, step-up Rana Driver! And that is that!

Winner: Abadon

That was actually pretty funny, they did a fake-out there making it seem like Anna Jay was gonna have her own big legit debut as a full-time wrestler, but actually it was the genuine debut of Abadon! And I gotta say I’m glad she stuck around, she sure does make an impression. She’s gotta be the actually creepiest wrestler I’ve ever seen, every close up of her face makes me lean backwards a little. It’s kinda great. And in that brief match she was impressive and that entrance is certainly memorable, also JR was freaking out about her the whole time.

Afterwards, as Jay is still selling in the ring, the Dark Order interestingly make their way out. Colt Cabana is in the crowd and Stu Grayson hands Cabana a manilla folder, with some kind of a contract. Cabana stares at it looking bewildered as Brodie Lee nods on from the ramp. Meanwhile, the underlings help Anna Jay up to her feet and guide her out of the ring.

The Dark Order is just on a constant recruitment kick, it’s really something. And I’ve always been a proponent of stables having both male and female representatives. You haven’t truly taken over the whole show unless you have a rep in every division, atleast the way I look at it. Seems like the Dark Order now has their first female member in Anna Jay, which is an interesting role for the newcomer to have.

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