AEW Dynamite Results: FTR vs. SCU

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AEW Dynamite Results: FTR vs. SCU

Since coming to AEW, FTR have been on top of the tag team division. They knocked off The Butcher & The Blade in their debut match, and this week they get to face a veteran tag team of Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian. Would their winning ways continue, or would SCU get a huge win?

FTR Prove Their Tag Team Style Is The Best

Cash Wheeler would start the match with Frankie Kazarian, and would quickly catch the arm. Kazarian would reverse, and push him back into the corner for Dax Harwood to get into the ring. Quick tags in and out would isolate Kazarian, using the tag rope and proper tags of course. Eventually Kazarian would get the tag to Christopher Daniels, who would take control right away on Wheeler. Harwood would save Wheeler from a leg lariat, and a brawl would break out with all four men in the ring., with everyone crashing to the outside.

SCU would isolate Wheeler, but a missed springboard leg drop would let Wheeler make his way to the corner to make the tag. Harwood did a classic hot tag, hitting rapid snap suplexes before hitting a slingshot suplex, before flashing the four horsemen sign, a call to Tully Blanchard. Hmmmm.

SCU Takes Control

Daniels would get a visual pinfall, but the referee would be distracted and Wheeler would roll Harwood into control but Daniels kicked out. Wheeler & Kazarian would be tagged in, and throw some heavy chops, but a series of strikes would leave Wheeler down. He’d go for a brainbuster, but Wheeler floats over. A series of moves would allow Kazarian to get the nearfall.

SCU would look for some tag team offense, but Wheeler would save himself before slingshotting the now legal Daniels into his corner. FTR would hit the double team, but Daniels kicked out at two. Again, they’d go for tag offense, looking for the Superplex into the splash, but Kazarian pulled Wheeler down and Daniels countered the superplex into a pinfall for the two.

SCU would hit Harwood with a powerbomb/neckbreaker combo for the nearfall, and Daniels looked to shut him down with Angels Wings with Wheeler having to make the save. FTR would make the blind tag, and Daniels would take the Goodnight Express, ending this excellent tag team match. Easily a 4/5 (****) match.

Match Set For Fyter Fest

While Best Friends are the number one contenders, you have to imagine FTR will be near the top of the pack following that show. They would call out the tag division afterwards, focusing on Jurassic Express, Page & Omega, and The Young Bucks. Their truck would be hi-jacked by Butcher & The Blade, setting up an 8 man tag for Fyter Fest. FTR had Young Bucks chosen as their partners, and the returning Lucha Bros would be the partners of Butcher & Blade. Lucha Bros would beat down a tired FTR, to end their night as Young Bucks made the save.

Who do you think will win at Fyter Fest? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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