Arisa Hoshiki Faces Harrasment Due To Retirement Due To Injury

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Arisa Hoshiki Faces Harrasment Due To Retirement Due To Injury

Just mere weeks after the tragic death of Hana Kimura, we are seeing the effects of cyberbullying in action again. This time the target is Arisa Hoshiki, the recently retired former Wonder Of Stardom Champion, who has faced harrassment due to her retirement.

Arisa Hoshiki Makes Distressing Tweet

In a post that was very reminiscent of Hana Kimura, Hoshiki would say the following. “The human waste is still alive. I’m sorry… sorry for not contributing anything. I’m worthless because I’m a peron who makes you notice things I can’t do, but I have a respiratory system so I’m sorry for breathing. Ah. I wasn’t recognized as a person, I’m sorry to call myself a human.”

This is obviously a very distressing statement, and shows how hard retirement and the harassament that came following it has effected her mentally. Someone shouldn’t get harrassed for putting their physical safety at risk. Hoshiki was someone who showed her passion for wrestling every time she entered the ring, which couldn’t have made the choice to retire easy. Add in losing a friend in Hana Kimura, and her mental health is as at risk as her physical health. She had reportedly been facing cyberbullying before this, and has gone to the police in the past. To send out such a tweet, it must have worsened dramatically.

Fans Have Tried To Battle The Hate With Praise

Fans after seeing this tweet made sure to do what they could to block out the hate with love, praising all aspects of Hoshiki. From her incredible ability in the ring, to her contributions to music through the band Unlimited Dream Navigator, which she has focused on since her retirement from the ring. We will likely see another outpouring of love if she has an official retirement ceremony as Stardom gets back into action very soon.

Cyberbullying is not okay. You can call it trolling, you can think they’re too famous to care, but it is not okay. There is someone real on the other side of the screen, so think before you type, as it could deeply impact their life.

Share some of your favorite Arisa Hoshiki moments in the comment section down below, and send some love her way if you’re a fan. She needs your support right now. Her official Twitter is @udonsato_udn. 

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