Chris Jericho Reveals Who Was Orignally Meant To Lead The Dark Order

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Chris Jericho Reveals Who Was Orignally Meant To Lead The Dark Order

In AEW, the Dark Order have become one of the major factions within All Elite Wrestling. They are currently lead by Mr. Brodie Lee, the former Luke Harper from WWE. However, as many assumed, he was not the first man to be chosen for this mantle. There were three who came before him, who were going to lead this faction into glory. During an episode of Talk Is Jericho with Luther, this would be discussed.

Marty Scurll Was The First Choice For The Exalted One

When we first heard murmers of a higher power within The Dark Order, it was going to be the lost member of The Elite, Marty Scurll. When AEW started up, Scurll was still under contract for Ring Of Honor, one he’d choose to renew as he gained a backstage role in the company, giving him a good measure of control. If COVID-19 didn’t stop ROH in their tracks, we’d have seen some major moves made, and we’ll see those before long. However, him signing with ROH means that he will not be The Exalted One. They needed another option.

Broken Matt Hardy Was Heavily Teased For A Reason

Once his WWE contract was coming to a close, heavy teasing began around Matt Hardy being The Exalted One of the Dark Order. He’d come to the company with a more serious character than that which was found within WWE, but still a bit goofy at moments. However, he’d debut the same night that Mr. Brodie Lee would be revealed, as part of a double swerve as he’d join forces with The Elite for the planned ‘Blood & Guts’ match.

Luther Was Considered

In what would have been the most flat reveal of all, Japanese Deathmatch Legend and close friend of Chris Jericho, Luther was considered after Matt Hardy’s plans changed. Luther has the aura and creepy nature to pull something like this off, but not the recognition. He would be in the ill fated Nightmare Collective, before moving into a feud with Jimmy Havoc on AEW Dark. Now he just slinks around at ringside and makes people uncomfortable.

In the end, Mr. Brodie Lee was an incredible pick to lead The Dark Order, and the new direction under him has been making for great programming. Do you wish one of the other three men got the mantle instead? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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