Drew McIntyre def. Bobby Lashley | WWE Backlash 2020 Results

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Drew McIntyre def. Bobby Lashley | WWE Backlash 2020 Results

WWE Backlash 2020 continues. AJ Styles backstage is being interviewed about his recent WWE Intercontinental Championship victory. He says he deserves a night off after what he did but he’s going to put on a championship celebration for the ages this Friday on SmackDown. He also insults Daniel Bryan and says he’s just not Phenomenal. But now, we have Bobby Lashley on the way out to face Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship! But just before the bell, Lashley attacks McIntyre from behind and has the Full Nelson cinched in! It’s in deep! The official demands several more referees come out to try and pull him off! After nearly a full minute in the hold, he finally releases! McIntyre is down and out here, holding his throat. Drew of course wants to start the match anyway…

WWE Championship: Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Bobby Lashley

We begin, Lashley pummels McIntyre in the corner, biiig vertical suplex for a 2 count! Drew still hasn’t gotten to take off his coat now. Lashley with a series of forearms, chokes him in the corner, driving elbow to the head! Hits the ropes and charges, McIntyre with a knee to the gut! Knife edge chops, hits the ropes but Lashley does as well and there’s a shoulder block, cover for 1! Another cover for 1. Knee driven into the side of the face as he works over the arm. He finally strips the coat off of McIntyre, knees to the back as he cinches in a chinlock! McIntyre fights his way up though, counters into a Northern Lights Suplex and a bridge for a 2 count! Bobby retakes the control immediately though, double stomp to the back!

Hoists him up onto his shoulder for a powerslam, McIntyre escapes out the back, clothesline to the floor! Goes out there with him and drives him repeatedly into the plexiglass! MVP gets into Drew’s face for the distraction. Lashley hoists him up and he just falls right off him onto the floor, almost landing on his head in a brutal landing! Lashley takes him up onto his shoulders and drives him hard into the ringpost! Takes him into the ring, Bobby slips inside, McIntyre rolls outside though to buy some time. Lashley out there as well, charges, McIntyre with a belly to belly and it sends him right into the barrier, that was potentially dangerous! Now a vertical suplex onto the floor! They fight back into the ring, shots and kicks exchange, knife edge chops from McIntyre… McIntyre with a clothesline, big boot! Goes up top, flying elbow takes him down!

Drew kips up! Powers him onto his shoulders, Lashley escapes, charges, but Drew with a Spinebuster! Jacknife Cover for a 2 count! Looking for a Future Shock DDT, Lashley shoves him away, Drew with a boot off a back body drop attempt, rushes in but Lashley with a Throw-Down Spinebuster for a 1 count! Sends him shoulder-first into the post, Elevated Flatliner but another kickout at 1! MVP signals for the Full Nelson. Bobby going for it… McIntyre fighting to keep him from locking in it, Lashley drives his face into the buckle, batters his neck as he stands on the middle ropes… McIntyre muscles Bobby out for an Inverted Alabama Slam! Nearfall!

Drew with a hotshot, goes up top and goes flying but Lashley counters with a crossface!! But McIntyre powers his way up into a Tombstone position! But Lashley counters that into an Ankle Lock! McIntyre kicks him away, Bobby wants a spear but McIntyre slips him into a Kimura?! But Lashley grabs the bottom rope for the break. This match is interesting. McIntyre takes Lashley up top, looking for a superplex… and they land hard off of it too! But McIntyre kips up again, even after bouncing big off the impact, counts down for the Claymore but Lashley stops him with the Spear outta nowhere! Narrow nearfall! This signals Lana to come down the ramp. MVP is begging her not to but she goes up to the apron. She tells the ref that he cheated, as in says “You cheated” to the referee, what? McIntyre sends Lashley into Lana which sends her flying onto MVP, McIntyre with a Claymore for the win!

Winner: Drew McIntyre

That was much better than expected actually, sort of a throwback to Lashley’s better days in Impact in a lot of ways. Finish was a bit lame but if it makes for another match like that, this would not bother me. Afterwards Lana is extremely sad at ringside as MVP and Lashley leave her in disgust.

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