Erick Rowan Speaks On Wrestlemania Match With The Rock

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Erick Rowan Speaks On Wrestlemania Match With The Rock
As of this moment, Erick Rowan currently holds a unique spot in wrestling. He was the final man to ever face The Rock in a recorded match, and it happened at Wrestlemania of all places. It was an epic encounter, with it lasting all of six seconds. Rowan was caught off guard with a Rock Bottom as the bell rang, and he’d be pinned by great one.
This impromptu affair is the shortest match in Wrestlemania history, and unless he returns to the company, Rowans only singles match at the event. He would redeem this with a tag team victory alongside Luke Harper at a future Wrestlemania. However, Rowan now has explained what went wrong in the biggest match of his career.

Erick Rowan Didn’t Hear The Bell Ring

While joking on the Lewis Nicholls Show, Rowan would let everyone know what went wrong on this night. “It was cool to see him and what he does, especially in close proximity. It would have been nice to have a little banter but that was not the story that day. A funny story, a big reason I lost in six seconds is, I’m new to the business, it was my first one-on-one match at WrestleMania. I’m looking around and I didn’t hear the bell ring. Did I lose fairly? As a match, yes. I was new to it. It wouldn’t happen now.”
Sadly, with The Rock potentially never stepping back into the ring again, and Rowan having been released from WWE, we will never see Rock vs. Rowan II. We have no way of knowing if things would go differently. Rowan was able to take The Rocks cousin to the limit and beat him on PPV, proving he evolved over time and improved. If he had another shot at The Rock, he’d likely last longer than 6 seconds, which would be a victory in it’s own right.
This match will go down as an odd piece of WWE history, a trivia question that would fool all but the most hardcore fans if put on the spot. Many would likely assume John Cena was his final opponent, but nope. It was Erick Rowan, and that’s amazing.
Do you remember this match between Rock & Rowan? Do you think we’ll get to see more of The Rock in a wrestling ring? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.
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