FTR Get Into Dust Up With The Butcher & The Blade | AEW Dynamite Results (6/3/2020) | All Elite Wrestling

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AEW Dynamite continues. We see another interview of Tony’s as he’s talking with Darby Allin. He asks him about the brutalizing from Cage and asks if that has anything to do with the interactions Allin has had with Taz. Darby just says life’s one big joke. Warns Brian Cage that he’ll have the last laugh. We come back from break to see a third straight Schiavone interview, this one with FTR. He asks what FTR stands for. THey explain it’s not a tagline it’s way of life, and it’s anything they want it to be. Fear The Revolution, Follow The Rules, it’s taken on a life of it’s own. Cash calls AEW the pinnacle, it’s the revolution so this is For The Revolution. Tony says there must be a list of tag teams FTR wants to face. They talk up Private Party, Proud-N-Powerful, Lucha Bros as the exact opposite of what they stand for and they want to teach them tag wrestling, emphasis on tag.

Call out Hangman Page and Kenny Omega as not even being a real tag team but they want to face them anyway. The Young Bucks aren’t a dream match for them, they’ve heard people singing their praises for years. They don’t want to have the best tag team match in history with them, they want to punch them in the mouth and beat them in three seconds. As far as their situation last week, they’ve dreamed of this situation for five years. Says you can’t mention one team without the other, they want to end the discussion.

When they face off, they don’t want any excuses, no softening up from the Butcher and the Blade, no bad back, no injuries. Tony explains that all this time he thought FTR meant… F**k the R*vival and they laugh about it. But as they’re wrapping up, the Butcher and the Blade come out shouting at them! They go down the stairs, they seem to be in the stadium lobby or something. Buncha geeks get between the two teams. FTR tells them that what happened last week wasn’t personal but if they want a shot at them, they can meet them in the ring.

Colt Cabana has an interview saying he showed he can hang with the big shots in AEW but the big victories are eluding him, couldn’t finish Archer or Jericho… Brodie Lee comes in and tells him that losses are how we grow. But what you do after a loss is how you respond and he can help him with that. They give him a bottle of water and ask him to think about it. Colt assures the interviewer he wants no part of it.

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