Impact Wrestling Recap (6/23) Taya Valkyrie (withJohn E. Bravo) beat Susie

Taya Valkyrie beat Susie by pinfal

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Impact Wrestling Recap (6/23) Taya Valkyrie (withJohn E. Bravo) beat Susie

There are moments we’ll look back on and say, “Yep, that’s were it went wrong.” For Taya Valkyrie, this match against Susie may be that moment. Over the last few weeks, several of the Knockout division have been pushing Susie, bullying her because she’s so meek and silent. Of course, they don’t know what lurks beneath the surface, but Valkyrie does and yet she continued her best to push Susie ver the edge.

Bring out your demon

Throughout the match, Valkyrie did everything she could to humiliate Susie, but instead of it being a quick match, it turned into a prolonged, frustrating night for Valkyrie.

Valkyrie continually insulted Susie everything she dropped her to the mat, calling her a little girl and just being herself. Susie held her own, and nearly rolled Valkyrie up in schoolboy pin attempt, followed by a running bulldog.

With some help from John E. Bravo, who choked Susie out while Valkyrie kept the referee distracted, Valkyrie eventually got Susie in a modified STF, but the former record setting Knockouts champions became frustrated when Susie managed to crawl to the ropes and forced her to break the hold.

But despite Valkyrie’s best efforts, Susie fought like she was possessed, channeling Su Yung more and more as the match went on.

Eventually, Valkyrie hit with her second attempted Road to Valhalla for the win.

But that wasn’t enough for Valkyrie, as she continued to harass Susie by kicking her and telling her it was embarrassing to fight her like she did.

We’re so sure Valkyrie was close to awakening Su Yung, but Susie’s best friend, Smiling Kylie Rae, came out and interrupted Valkyrie, hitting her with a superkick to send the former champion rolling out of the ring.

Does Valkyrie want to wake up Su Yung?

Valkyrie knows what she’s doing, right? It’s a tricky situation when it comes to Susie and Su Yung, but we’re thinking she’s relying on Rosemary to help her if she needs it. It’s only fitting since Rosemary purposely work Su Yung last time.

But is it wise?

Sure, there’s no denying Su Yung Makes things interesting and fun when she’s around, and it brings up the question why Taya Valkyrie would want to wake her? It’s a potential storyline we’re sure is going to be fun when it happens.

Maybe Valkyrie wants her at her side as well to win back the Knockouts championship?

Of course, Kylie Rae’s been talking Susie down for a few weeks now, so it’s safe to assume she’s going to be some sort of sacrifice to bring Su Yung back. At least, that’s out theory. What’s yours? Let us know in the comments.

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