Into the Vault: TNA Destination X 2005


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Into the Vault: TNA Destination X 2005

We’re back with another Impact Wrestling/TNA Into the Vault! We’ve just finished up 1995 between WCW and WWE but we’re still early into 2005 for Impact Wrestling. Let’s check out TNA Destination X 2005! 


The first couple of matches weren’t that enjoyable. The opening 8-man was could’ve been better if 3 Live Kru were subbed out. Actually, they could’ve faced The Disciples of Destruction (the Harris Twins) and swap the times given and it would’ve probably been fine. I don’t know who would take their place. Probably Nash and Brown? 

Speaking of the second tag bout were running into, scrap this match entirely. The Harris Twins were so-so. They shined more in a wild brawl but most companies kept them in the ring. Phi Delta Slam was a lousy team but they were local. This match was as lousy as Phi Delta Slam. 

I’d almost forgotten Trytan the same way I forgot Redshirt Security—which was a great idea for a tag team. He faced Monty Brown in a match that ended in a no contest. Short bout, could’ve been on any Impact episode. Actually, it could’ve been on Xplosion. Brown didn’t deserve this. 

Someone else who didn’t deserve the match they ended up with: Kevin Nash. He took on The Outlaw (Billy Gunn) in a taped fist first blood bout. For some reason, the 2000s weren’t a time of Gunn’s best work. He actually could’ve made it as a successful singles competitor. That aside, the match had the right length but the action was textbook meh. 

I love a Texas Bullrope match! However, they can be iffy even if they shouldn’t be. Dustin vs. Raven was an iffy match. It was decent enough but like so much on this show, it needed time to breathe. Raven and Dustin should’ve rocked the house with this one. It didn’t need 15 or 20 minutes but ten at the minimum would’ve done it. 


Chris Sabin vs. Chase Stevens was solid but it needed more time to be more. Stevens had a lot of potential at this time as did Sabin. Looking back on this time and watching the Impact episodes, Stevens should’ve been an Impact Wrestling lifer. 

The main event saw Jeff Jarrett defend the NWA World Title against DDP in a lumberjack match. Lumberjack matches are hit or miss but this one was alright. It ran too long and really should’ve been the semi-main event. Like, some of this match’s time could’ve been given to three other matches and pulled them out of the low-tier gutter. There were times when there was a good amount of excitement then there were lulls in the action. 

I will say that the ending of the match was good. DDP used the Diamond Death Cutter and had the match only for Monty Brown turning on him and giving Jarrett the match. If only the match was 15 minutes max and these two would’ve busted out their 1995 work we would’ve had a dope exotic tier contest. 


As you know, I love a brawl. Jeff Hardy and Abyss are pretty much TNA career rivals because when they square off and there’s plunder around the ring, they deliver. If you enjoy storytelling in matches, this might not be the match to watch. However, action and excitement fans—find this bout! What a dope match this was. 

The crown jewel of the show was the Ultimate X Challenge. AJ’s X Division belt was on the line as Christopher Daniels, Ron Killings, and Elix Skipper all showed up to wrestle it away from him. Hardy vs. Abyss was action and excitement slathered in violence. This one is slathered in athleticism. These guys tore the house down, never mind tearing the roof off the joint! 

TNA Destination X 2005 Verdict: 5/10 

Mid-tier show with two incredible matches. TNA Destination X 2005 could’ve been worse easily. The main thing that messed up this show was that some matches had more time than necessary considering who was involved and other bouts didn’t have enough time. I’m all for telling a story in a match but goddamn, if the story isn’t that interesting, give us the abridged version and move it along. 

Also, the NWA Tag Team Titles were nowhere to be seen. Still, those two matches were exquisite.  

TNA Against All Odds Score: 6.5/10 

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