Jurassic Express def. Capital Vices & Jon Cruz | AEW Dark Results (6/16/2020) | All Elite Wrestling

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Jurassic Express def. Capital Vices & Jon Cruz | AEW Dark Results (6/16/2020) | All Elite Wrestling

Another hour and a half episode of AEW Dark begins. Excalibur asks if Taz is gonna be in a mood this week like he was last week, he seems to promise otherwise. To start with, we’ve got something kinda interesting to start with – the first appearance of a tag team that has their own name, and a clear attempt at a custom theme just for them. They are Sin and Money, Capital Vices and they pair up with Jon Cruz in a trios match against the whole team of Jurassic Express. The Express get a nice pyro show on their way out, that’s cool.

Capital Vices & Jon Cruz vs. Jurassic Express (Jungleboy, Marko Stunt & Luchasaurus)

Jungle and Money start out, lock-up, Money takes him to the corner to grind him. No clean break, forearm to the face. He whips him but Jungle reverses, snapmare, backslide for a 2 count! Ducks a shot, O’Connor Roll but Money spins out of it only for Jungle to roll him sideways for a cover of 2, Money scrambles over to the heel corner and Cruz tags in. So Marko tags in as well. Marko gets sidestepped, hurricanrana for a 2 count, Cruz dodges a kick, rolls him through but a series of kicks leads to a senton for a 1 count – solid dropkick lands flush and Cruz staggers away, Money tags back in.

Marko with a flying headscissor, tag to Luchasaurus! He sends Jungleboy at him for a Flying Flatliner, Assisted Senton with Marko and finally Jungleboy Wheelbarrows Luchasaurus onto Money for a nearfall! Sin rushes in but takes a knee strike and a roundhouse kick! Lucha clobbers Money i nthe corner, facebuster nailed, deadlifts him up for a crazy twisting German Suplex! Jungleboy tags in, Marko with a frog splash off of Lucha’s shoulders, Jungle with an assisted Senton, cover but Cruz breaks it up! Jungle takes Money up, whips him to the ropes, Money with a sunset flip, Jungle is blocking it, Cruz distracts the ref and Sin catapults Money right into the crotch of Jungleboy! Sin tags himself in, hoists him up for a big Flatliner, Money with a Springboard Legdrop, Sin covers for a nearfall!

Jungle with a back elbow off a charge, attacks all three of his opponents as he fights out of the corner, flips away, Cruz tags in but Jungle makes the tag to Marko, Sin tries for a powerbomb but Stunt turns it into a DDT! Money rushes in to eat an enziguri, Cruz dashes but gets taken out with a Tail Whip! He sets Cruz up for a chokeslam, but Sin cuts that off. Marko tags Lucha in, he kicks Money out of the ring, clubbing shot to Cruz, overhead chop to Sin, series of kicks into a ruthless roundhouse kick to Cruz, pancakes Money into a spinning kick! Cruz comes off the middle rope but gets caught of the air with a Chokeslam, Standing Moonsault – Sin breaks up the pin!

Sin wants a chop but to no avail, Lucha with a huge headbutt! Tag to Jungleboy, Jungle passes Cruz for a real Tail Whip, Jungleboy with a Tiger Suplex for a nearfall! Lucha throws Stunt into a crossbody to Money, Lucha hoists Cruz up as Marko gets Money again with a Suicide Dive, another to Sin as Jungle and Lucha hit the Extinction Level Event on Cruz for the victory.

Winners: Jurassic Express

I appreciate the variety you get from just letting people use whatever gimmicks they have on the indy scene and it gives them a good bump too which is part of the point of these last few months of Dark.

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