Kenny Omega & Hangman Page def. The Natural Nightmares | AEW Dynamite Results (6/17/2020) | All Elite Wrestling

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AEW Dynamite commences! And we are starting out with the tag title match, Kenny Omega and Hangman Page to defend against the Natural Nightmares, Dustin Rhodes and QT Marshall!

AEW World Tag Team Championships: Kenny Omega & Hangman Page (c) vs. The Natural Nightmares (Dustin Rhodes & QT Marshall)

It’s noted that Dustin and Brandi convinced QT Marshall to leave Allie backstage for this one. Dustin and Kenny lock up, Dustin with a side headlock. Kenny shoots him off, duck under, leap frog attempted but Dustin stops short, but Kenny with a waistlock, tries an O’Connor Roll but it’s blocked, Kenny with a knife edge chop though and goes for the One Winged Angel but Rhodes escapes for a back elbow, Kenny with a kick up off the charge, Kenny rolls over his back, rana! Takes him to the corner, Dustin with a boot up off the charge and a flying rana off the middle rope! Wants a piledriver but Kenny backs off!

QT and Page both tag in now. Page with a waistlock trip, flips into a side headlock. We see that during Kenny’s flip over Dustin he actually nailed him in the head with his knees and it seems he’s a bit rattled by this. QT fights up but eats some big chops and a clubbering shot to the back! Page hits the ropes but QT surprises him  with a wicked dropkick! Page responds with a big boot though! Tag to Omega who continues taking over, whip to the ropes, QT escapes a slam and hoists him up for a big Vertical Suplex! Dustin tags in, kick to the chest, uppercut to the chin. Power whip into the corner! Back Suplex nailed. Forearm drop, cover for 2.

QT tags in, double team russian legsweep! Cover for 2. Meanwhile Britt Baker is sending direct messages on a wire to Tony Schiavone. QT with a Pendulum Backbreaker for a 2 count! Elbow to the head, tag to Dustin. Back rake! Snapmare into a headlock. Pulls him up, whips him, back body drop! Kenny with an elbow on a corner charge into the Kitaro Crusher! Simultaneous tags, Page with some rights to QT, Marshall reverses a whip into the corner but Page explodes out with a clothesline! Springboard Clothesline to Dustin, hoists QT up, Fallaway Slam and a stumbling kip up! Tope to Dustin, back in the ring he gets QT with a Sliding Lariat for a nearfall!

Omega tags in, pulls QT onto his shoulders, You Can’t Escape nailed for the nearfall! Page with a chop to QT and a big boot to Dustin taking him off the apron, QT fires back with right hands, but Page with another high kick! Hits the ropes, QT does as well and gets him with a Handspring Roundhouse Kick! Tag to both men, Dustin ducks a shot and gets a few axe handles! Kenny reverses a whip but the Dustin Uppercut stops the back body drop! Manhattan Drop, hits the ropes, Bulldog! Sends him rebounding off a corner whip into a Snap Powerslam and Page runs in to get one as well! Dustin going up top, Corkscrew Senton to both men!

Deposits them both, tag to QT. Dustin with a Cannonball Senton to wipe them both out and that leads to the QT Special!! Marshall throws Kenny into the ring, Spinning Flying Elbow off the top rope and now he signals for the Cutter! Page rushes in but gets dumped, QT goes for the QT Cutter but Kenny counters with a Snap Dragon! In comes Dustin with a Canadian Destroyer! Page nails Dustin with a lariato! Page lifts up QT but he slips behind him and hits the QT Cutter and everyone is laid out! But now out comes Allie! QT up top, tries a Double Jump Moonsault but Kenny rolls out of the way!

Page tags in, double charging shots to QT into a Discus Elbow and an Assisted German Suplex, Dustin has to break it up! Rhodes is deposited again though. Page with a powerbomb on QT, Omega with a V-Trigger, Page with a tope to Dustin, Kenny covers QT for a clooose nearfall! But then they hit the Last Call and that is that!

Winners: Kenny Omega & Hangman Page

Cool stuff, one half of the tag title match at Fyter Fest now confirmed. Of course Allie isn’t looking too pleased with the result, even as Dustin is shaking hands with the victors.

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