Local Mud Show Indy Wrestler Attempts To Pawn Wrestling Belts

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KYFB TV-5 (Oil Trough, TX) – On Wednesday, June 24, a local wrestler walked to an Oil Trough pawn shop hoping to pawn several championship wrestling belts from a historic promotion.  

“The UWF Had All These Historic Wrestling Championships!” 

“Punitive Pugilist” Pete the Polish Palooka (45) entered the wrestling business after a failed run as a club boxer. “Oh, I boxed at all the big places!” Pete the Polish Palooka pontificated. “The Junkyard strip club in Gerbil’s Tunnel, Georgia! Dirty Drippins strip club in Dank Rag, Delaware! How about Assgard right here in Oil Trough? Oh, I’ve thrown leather all throughout the South!” 

In the ring, he’s Pete the Polish Palooka, a pint-sized powder keg of pulsating Polish power. Outside of the ring, he’s Peter Patterson of Peter and Patty’s Pulled Pork Plates and Pies. A long-time wrestling fan, he entered the business in 1996. Peter is also a collector of wrestling artifacts and his most cherished are the 12 championship belts of the UWF. 

“Herb Abrams was the best promoter of all time! His Universal Wrestling Federation was groundbreaking!” Peter told KYFB TV-5’s Dick Storm. “The UWF had all these historic wrestling belts, Dick! I’ve got a complete set—all 12 championships!” 

The UWF—not to be confused with Bill Watts’ UWF—was a promotion that ran from 1990 until 1996 when Abrams died as a result of a drug overdose. Promoter Herb Abrams was the subject of a May 2020 episode of Dark Side of the Ring 

Pawning the Wrestling Belts

Patterson seemed very attached to his championships and it seemed odd that he’d part with them. “Well, I’m planning to start my own wrestling company here in Oil Trough,” he said.

“I’ve wrestled in front of nine people at an abandoned Kroger’s! This here Oil Trough Wrestling Association Brass Knuckles Championship? I won that in from a sell-out 25-person crowd at Last Stop Cemetery during my cousin, Chris the Krakow Crush’s funeral. I’m far from a local mud show indy wrestler. Pete the Polish Palooka is bona fide!” 

Piekarczyk says that he hated to part with the belts but needed the capital to start up his promotion with the intent of moving beyond tens of fans to hundreds. When he attempted to pawn the wrestling belts at Oil Trough’s Hand It Over Pawn Shop, Bar and Grill, the prices offered weren’t to his liking. 

“Well Dick, I don’t want to go too into the details of the price but I couldn’t start my truck with that never mind a promotion!” 

Despite this, the 24-year veteran isn’t deterred. “With all this Corona and all that, the pulled pork and pies business isn’t so hot. I’ll just try another pawn shop elsewhere or run the flea market circuit. It’s a crying shame, Dick.” 

Speaking of flea markets, you can catch the Polish powerhouse punishing plenty of prey this Sunday at the North Mississippi Flea Market. He is scheduled to be in the MSPW Battle Royale 2020 main event in Mushmouth, Mississippi. Best of luck to Pete the Polish Palooka! 

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