Private Party Suggest Union With Matt Hardy | AEW Dynamite Results (6/3/2020) | All Elite Wrestling

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AEW Dynamite continues. Footage of Lance Archer with Jake Roberts, Archer just decimating some poor luchador as Alex Marvez comes up for an interview. Archer says one loss means nothing to him. There’s nobody in AEW that can stop him, he’s not here to be a spot monkey he’s here to be a monster and he’ll show him what being a monster is all about. It means pain and torture like never before. When he says everybody dies, he means everybody dies! He manhandles and intimidates Marvez a little. We see a replay of what happened last week with the Private Party and Matt Hardy. We then see a video of Quen and Kassidy at a private bar talking about their loss, Quen is apologetic to Kassidy about getting hurt and costing them the match, Kassidy assures him it’s just something that happens. Matt Hardy comes in and they pop big for his appearance.

Matt says he enjoyed the hell out of their match last week, calls them the future of tag team wrestling. The bond the two of them have it reminds him so much of the bond his brother and himself shared. Private Party react big again and make Hardyz poses. Matt says a lot of guys helped them when they were a young team and he tells them to come to him if they ever need help. Kassidy swiftly comes up with a grouping between them, calls it the Hardy Party. Matt leaves with a big smile, as he goes down the hall he sees Sammy Guevara just riding by on his Hit Me Up Mobile. After a terse staredown Matt says we’re cool and walks off, leaving him looking befuddled.

We see videos of two other major stories from last week, Jungleboy winning the battle royal to earn his shot at Cody’s TNT Championship later tonight and the pull apart between Mike Tyson and Chris Jericho following the Inner Circle Pep Rally. This includes footage of Tyson letting us know he’s not done with Jericho, and Chris arguing with Colt Cabana for trying to hold him back. During these videos we also see a vignette for Fyter Fest and it appears we’re actually doing this one Ultima Lucha style – rather than having a set date for a special, Fyter Fest will be taking place over the span of two episodes of Dynamite.

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