Randy Orton Challenges Christian To One More Match

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Randy Orton Challenges Christian To One More Match

Last night on Monday Night RAW, something fans never could have predicted happened. Christian, who retired due to concussion issues back in 2014 would get back in the ring for another match. This would be with his old rival of Randy Orton, in an unsanctioned match. It wouldn’t last long, with Ric Flair getting involved for a quick low blow on Christian, allowing Orton to nail the punt kick earlier. Later in the night on RAW Talk, Orton would throw down the challenge for Christian.

Randy Orton Wants One More Match

While Christian was being carried away like Edge was after the match with Orton at Backlash, he’d have the following to say to Christian. “Get cleared and go see half a dozen doctors like Edge did and come face me.”

This seems to be the new feud for Orton, now that Edge is injured for the next four to six months. While some view this as Orton mocking Christian while he’s down, rubbing salt in the wounds. Christian & Orton had one of the best feuds in 2011, with their matches only being topped in quality by CM Punk vs. John Cena. If Christian is actually able to get back into the ring, we could be in for a treat at Extreme Rules or Summerslam.

Orton Is On His Way Back To The Top

Having knocked off Edge, and looking to do the same with Christian, it’s clear that Orton is on his way back to the main event. If he is able to win this feud, we could see him be the next in line to meet Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship. That would be a fresh match, and with Orton at his best when he’s being an absolute psychopath? This would be much better than Orto   n’s last world title feud with Kofi Kingston.

RAW doesn’t have many top heels for McIntyre to face off with, making Orton a natural pick. We could even see WWE go back to Orton as WWE Champion as crowds come back into the picture, resorting to an old reliable option.

Do you want to see Christian and Randy Orton have a longer unsanctioned match at an upcoming PPV? Should Orton enter the WWE Championship picture? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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