Randy Orton def. Edge | WWE Backlash 2020 Results

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Randy Orton def. Edge | WWE Backlash 2020 Results

WWE Backlash 2020 continues and now it’s just the Greatest Wrestling Match Ever left. We’re told in advance that since it’s unfair that Edge and Randy Orton’s match isn’t in front of tens of thousands of people, they’re going to be ‘enhancing the experience’ with unique camera angles and amplified audio. In other words some sweetening on that crowd noise. I don’t have a problem with that. After their entrance it gets a super dramatic introduction with a flash of the MSG sign from the original WrestleMania I think, and we hear long pre-recorded lines from Howard Finkel introducing Edge and Orton. Charles Robinson is dressed like an 80s era ref with a blue shirt and bowtie.

The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever: Edge vs. Randy Orton

Lock-up, and it’s a furious one. Orton with a takedown but they’re still tied up. Orton trips him right onto his face! Orton with a side headlock, Edge shoots him off, but Randy with a big shoulder block, Edge with a series of arm drags but Orton stands to block one and he falls. But they nevertheless lock-up again, Edge with a side headlock takeover. Orton with a headscissor reversal. And he cinches it in tight! Edge rolls his way up, and starts to handstand out, wants to dash at him but Orton evades him! You can see some doubt on Edge’s face as Orton outsped him. Edge with another headlock, Orton takes him to the ropes, shoots him off, criss-cross spot eventually ends in Orton sending Edge to the floor! Edge is getting frustrating as Orton is embarrassing him early. The story is he’s naturally a much better athlete and the younger, faster competitor and so Edge is struggling.

Edge slowly re-enters the ring, lock up, Orton takes him into the corner, knee to the gut instead of a clean break. Whip to the opposite side, Edge slips outside, Orton follows, they roll in and out of the ring – eventually Edge gets Orton with a big boot on the floor! Takes him into the ring. Covers for a 2 count. Takes him to the corner but Orton fights out, big european uppercut fells him! Whips him, Edge slides between his legs, whips him hard and there’s a huge arm drag! Orton hit the ropes much harder than people in WWE usually do, that’s fun. Short-Arm Scissor applied. Randy slowly struggling to his feet. Orton hoists him up for a body slam but Edge keeps the arm wrenched and makes it back to his feet!

Orton trying to swing to the ropes but Edge is blocking it. Orton slips behind him for a waistlock. Edge trying to wrestle free, pry the fingers apart. Breaks the grip, snapmare into a side headlock. Cinching it in deep. Orton slowly rises. Drives him into the corner, ref forces a break, Orton with a stomp to the foot! Whips him to the corner but Edge counters with a floatover headscissor that sends him to the floor! Not something you see him do everyday. Edge up top now! But Orton puts a stop to that. Right hand to the face, Orton goes up there as well! Hooking him for a superplex…! Edge blocks it, headbutt, sends him to the apron! Edge onto the second rope, FLYING CLOTHESLINE NAILS HIM, Edge spills to the floor as Orton slams into the apron! And Randy’s busted open now! Edge slams the arm into the steel frame of the ring apron! Man I think Orton actually bladed, that sure is rare in WWE.

Edge with a few hard shots to the cut, pulls him up, whips him, knee to the gut! Another whip for another one! And a Russian Legsweep, leading directly into a Crossface! Orton slowly drags his way over, uses his long legs to get the feet on the bottom rope for the break! On his way up he tries for a SUPER SUDDEN RKO but Edge barely escapes it! Edge wants a choke, Orton scrambles to the rope for the break! Edge with the forearms, knife edge chop, whip but Orton reverses and – though he has to fight for it – there’s his signature Backbreaker but wrenches at the neck as well!

Incredibly there’s a dueling chant from this scripted crowd. Orton pulls Edge up by the hair and shoves him right into the plexiglass! Skams his face against the apron and spikes him in the glass again, slams him into the barricade again, facefirst onto the announce desk, geeze! Rolls in and out of the ring to reset the count. Drives Edge right into the steel steps! And again! Randy resets the count once more. Drives him onto the announce table again and there’s the Back Suplex right onto the desk Singh style!! Edge has the glassy eyed look after that! Orton growls into his ear, drags him into the ring, covers for a close nearfall!

Steps onto the hand and stomps it! And stomps to his legs, a more organic looking variation of his Garvin Stomp. Singling out the head for the last one, Edge is struggling, Orton grinds his lace into his face. Headlock wrenched now. Edge fights his way up, stomp to the foot, clubbering shots to the face! But then Orton just shoves him right into the corner, neck to the turnbuckle! Orton with a front facelock, looks up to the sky. And now a set of Three Amigos?! A callback to one of the more classless angles in WWE History, but Edge counters the third into a set of Amigos of his own!

Wicked chops from the mat now! They fight their way up with more gritty chops, Orton wins out until Edge sends him to the corner, loud overhand and knife edge chops! Orton ducks a wicked one, standing dropkick! They use this sequence to hammer in a Ric Flair/Ricky Steamboat analogy that’s kinda funny. They both slip to the outside, Orton grabs Edge by the wrist and pulls him into the post! Orton pulls Edge up to the top rope, wants a superplex. And he nails it, it’s a biggun! Edge is selling like he’s going into paralysis! There’s a big delay on the cover, and it gets a nearfall!

European Uppercut rocks Edge. Orton with a whip, Edge ducks a clothesline, they meeti n the middle with a mid-air crossbody collision! They beat the standing 10 count, Edge evades a corner charge, hits a Shuriken as a nod to Christian! Goes up top, Orton cuts him off, and now he’s looking for a Hangman’s DDT!!! But Edge escapes it, slips around – Edgeacution!!! Slowly has to roll him over, cover for a naaaaarrow kickout! Edge with a sudden Knee Trembler!! And another! Sliding Elbow, cover for a nearfall! Edge going up top now. Hiiigh Crossbody for a 2 count!

They both struggle to their feet, Edge wants a Spear but Orton sidesteps, takes him down but Edge with a crossface on a second attempt!!! Turns it into a choke! But Randy rolls him over for a nearfall! Edge trying to wrestle him down for another but Orton rolls through, into a gorgeous Olympic Slam! Yet another nearfall, they’re doing so much stuff they never do here. Orton with a whip, going for his SIGNATURE ORTONCANRANA but Edge counters with a Sit-Out Powerbomb for a nearfall! Edge charges but Orton sends him right to the floor! Orton pulls him to the apron, and nails the Hangman’s DDT!

And now Orton is stalking! Feel like I haven’t seen that in a while, he’s pounding the mat now, waiting for it… Edge rises, Orton goes for it but Edge whips him away, wants an Unprettier but Orton escapes, RKO AGAIN but Edge counters this into an Edge-O-Matic for a nearfall!! That was hot. Now Edge in the corner, a wild look in his eye! He’s doing his own signature stalk! Charges for the spear, Orton leap frogs, wants a Snap Powerslam but Edge stops short, spins him around for the Unprettier!! Another close nearfall! Orton reverses an Irish Whip and drapes him right atop the rope! Randy with a kick, looking for a Pedigree?! And he nails it, there’s another nearfall?!

Edge is checking his teeth after that one. Pulling himself up with the ropes. Orton with w hip, Edge blocks it, ROCK BOTTOM! Cover for a nearfall! Alright, now which one of them will pull out the Cobra?! Edge looking for the Sharpshooter, Orton kicks him away! Edge ducks a clothesline, backslide attempt, back kick to the leg to set it up for a 2 count, Orton with a brutal european uppercut sends him to the mat! Orton wants another Hangman’s DDT but Edge stops that with a hot shot! Slips between his legs for a sunset flip for 2, Oklahoma Roll for a nearfall… Inside Cradle for a 2, ORTON WITH AN RKO!! 2.9 KICKOUT!!!

Where do we go from here? Orton looks like he’s thinking about a punt! Charges, but EDGE STOPS HIM WITH A SPEAR!! Stands, and there’s another one!! BUT ORTON KICKS OUT?! Edge is aghast! He’s still in disbelief as they both stand. Orton reverses a whip, sends him to the corner, Edge leaps from the second rope into an RKO out of the air! But Edge kicks out of this as well!! Randy pulls him up slow… but there’s the Anti-Venom from Edge!! Looking to choke him, Orton with a low blow when the ref can’t see it though!! THERE’S THE PUNT! Orton with the cover and that’s that!

Winner: Randy Orton

That was indeed the greatest WWE match of 2020 by my count, certainly outside of TakeOvers. And it looks like we have a rubber match in place after all. At this point it might require a Hell In A Cell.

Afterwards, Orton goes down to the mat and tells Edge to go home. Be with Beth and his daughters, and tell all three of them that Uncle Randy said hi.

Edge is utterly motionless as Orton celebrates his victory. They want to stretcher him out but Edge is refusing it.

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